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SHOCKING- WATCH: President Trump To End US Birthright Citizenship – VIDEO

The US president has said his administration is seriously looking at ending the right of citizenship for US-born children of non-citizens and people who immigrated to the country illegally

Source: Trump says he is seriously looking at ending birthright citizenship – video


WATCH: Trump Admits He Canceled Denmark Trip Because PM Hurt His Feelings

Trump called the female Prime Minister of Denmark nasty and admitted that he canceled his trip to the country because she hurt his feelings.

Trump said, “I thought the Prime Minister’s statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea, it was nasty. I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do was say no we wouldn’t be interested, but we can’t treat the United States of America the way they treated us under President Obama. I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something. They could have told me no. This is something that’s been discussed for many years. Harry Truman had the idea of Greenland. I’ve had the idea. Other people have had the idea. It goes back into the early 1900s.

All they had to do was say we’d rather not do that. We’d rather not talk about it. Don’t say what an absurd idea that is, because she’s not talking to me. She’s talking to the United States of America.

WATCH: President Trump ATTACKS Danish Prime Minister’s Mocking ‘Absurd’ Greenland Sale: ‘Very Nasty, Very Sarcastic’

One of the first rules of any political or media beef is “never punch down,” which is to say, don’t waste one’s energy criticizing someone who is below one’s power station. Doing as much elevates one’s rival while also diminishing one’s own standing.

Greenland was just an idea. Just a thought. But I think when they say it was absurd and it was said in a very nasty, very sarcastic way, I’ve been to Denmark and frankly we’ll do it another time. But you’ve got to respect the United Staes.

Source: Trump Rips Danish Prime Minister’s Mocking ‘Absurd’ Greenland Sale: ‘Very Nasty, Very Sarcastic’

WATCH: President Trump Looking at the Sky Claiming ‘I’m The Chosen One’ ‘I’m wonderful for the usa’ to Take on China, not ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Press Conference 8/21/2019

WATCH: President Trump MOCKS TLAIB’S TEARS, Says Jewish people’ voting Democrat are showing ‘great DISLOYALTY’,

Trump used an Oval Office meeting to attack Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar and then suggest that voting against him was an act of disloyalty to Israel – sparking a new antisemitism row.

Donald Trump claims ‘Jewish people’ who vote Democrat are showing ‘total lack of knowledge or great DISLOYALTY’ in furious Oval Office attack on Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

‘I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or a great disloyalty,’ he said.

‘Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the state of Israel?,’ he added.

Source: Donald Trump says ‘Jewish people’ voting Democrat are showing ‘great DISLOYALTY’

WATCH: President Trump CONFIRMS he’s still interested buying Greenland in ‘Large real estate deal’ after Denmark says it’s not for sale (Press Briefing)

President Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that he’s “interested” in buying Greenland. The only problem? It’s not actually for sale.

“It’s something we talked about,” he told reporters on Sunday. “Denmark essentially owns it, we’re very good allies with Denmark.” Referring to the theoretical transaction as “essentially” a “large real estate deal”, Trump said that “strategically it’s interesting and we’d be interested, but we’ll talk to them a little bit.”

But officials in Greenland have repeatedly said that it’s not for sale. And Denmark confirmed on Sunday that it’s not interested in selling the island.

“Greenland is not for sale,” Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told the newspaper Sermitsiag on Sunday. “Greenland is not Danish. Greenland belongs to Greenland. I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously.”

Source: Trump says he’s still interested buying Greenland. Denmark says it’s not for sale.

WATCH: President Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’ – Press Briefing

President Donald Trump weighed in on the viral outrage of the day by calling CNN anchor Chris Cuomo an “out-of-control animal” who also “spews lies every night,” while also seeming to criticize Cuomo for not assaulting the man who taunted him.

During an impromptu press gaggle in New Jersey Tuesday afternoon, Trump was asked about his tweets attacking Cuomo over the aborted bar fight that was caught on video.

“I think that what Chris Cuomo did was horrible,” Trump told reporters. “His language was horrible, he looked like a total out-of-control animal. He lost it.”

“And frankly, I don’t think anybody should defend him, because he spews lies every night,” Trump continued. According to The Washington Post, Trump recently made the 12,000th false or misleading statement of his presidency.

Source: WATCH: Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’

WATCH: Trump Admits That He Picks His Nominees By Watching TV

Trump admitted that he gets his nominees by watching television and that he does no vetting of the people that he nominates.

Trump said, “No, you, vet for me. I like when you vet. You vet. I think the white house has a great vetting process. You vet for me. When I give a name, I give it out to the press, and you vet for me. A lot of times you do a very good job. Not always. I think the — if you look at it, I mean if you take a look at it, the vetting process for the white house is very good. But you’re part of the vetting process, you know. I give out a name to the press and they vet for me. We save a lot of money that way. But in the case of John, I really believe he was being treated very harshly and very unfairly.”

Source: Trump Admits That He Picks His Nominees By Watching TV

WATCH: President Trump Press Briefing: Defends Rep. Ratcliffe, Considers Sue Gordon for DNI

On Rep. Cumming:

The tweet itself was just really a repeat of what I heard over the news, I know his house was robbed and I thought that was too bad.”

That was really just — that was not meant as a wise-guy tweet, His house was robbed. It came over the news at a certain moment last night and I had just mentioned it.”