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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Address the Nation on Coronavirus Epidemic – Press Conference at White House

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he’ll discuss the coronavirus threat at a White House news conference Wednesday, a day after he sought to minimize fears of the virus spreading widely across the U.S.

Trump tweeted that representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and others, would join him at the late-afternoon appearance.

Source: Coronavirus: Trump to hold news conference on US threat


VIDEO: President Trump congratulates Bernie Sanders on ‘great win’ in Nevada – WATCH Press Conference

President Donald Trump on Sunday congratulated Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on “a great win” in the Nevada caucuses, saying he hopes the Democratic presidential candidate is “treated fairly” during the nominating process.

“So I think it was a great win for Bernie Sanders. We’ll see how it all turns out. They’ve got a lot of winning to do,” Trump said. “I hope they treat him fairly.”

Speaking to reporters outside the White House before an official trip to India, Trump also said he hadn’t been briefed on Russian efforts to help Sanders’ presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, contradicting a White House official who previously told CNN that the President had been briefed on the matter.

Source: Trump congratulates Sanders on ‘great win’ in Nevada

WATCH: President Trump DECLARES he commutes Democrat Rod Blagojevich, pardon Bernie Kerik

President Trump announces he commutes former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s sentence and pardons former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik.


WATCH: President Trump First Press conference after Killing ‘MONSTER’ Iran’s General Soleimani – WHite House

‘He Was A Monster. And He’s No Longer A Monster. He’s Dead.’

Donald Trump has claimed the US strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani was ‘retaliation’. Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office alongside the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the US president called Suleimani ‘a monster’ and said ‘he was planning a very big attack and a very bad attack for us and other people and we stopped him’. Senior US officials have previously said the strike was meant to prevent an ‘imminent’ attack on Americans, but have refused to provide further details on the threat

Source: Donald Trump says strike against ‘monster’ Suleimani was retaliation – video

WATCH: President Trump Vows on New Year’s Eve: Iraq Embassy Protest Will Not Be A Benghazi

President Trump, wearing a tuxedo, arrived at his Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve celebration with first lady Melania and son Barron on Wednesday night, and stopped to hold an impromptu press conference.

The president’s comments came as Iran became belligerent after the U.S. military carried out air strikes against the Kataib Hezbollah militia in response to the killing of an American civilian contractor in a rocket attack Friday on an Iraqi military base.

“The Marines came in. We had some great warriors come in and do a fantastic job,” Trump said about the protests at the U.S. embassy. “And they were there instantaneously, as soon as we heard. I used the word ‘immediately.’ They came immediately. And it’s in great shape, as you know. This will not be a Benghazi. Benghazi should never have happened. This will never, ever be a Benghazi.”

Source: WATCH: Trump Holds Impromptu Press Conference On New Year’s Eve: ‘This Will Not Be A Benghazi’

WATCH LIVE: Trump meets Guatemala’s president at the White House – Press Conference amid Impeachment Vote

President Trump is meeting with his Guatemalan counterpart as Congress hammers out the rules for an impeachment vote

How to watch Trump’s meeting with Guatemala’s president

  • What: President Trump and first lady Melania Trump participate in a meeting with the President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales and Mrs. Marroquin Argueta de Morales
  • Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
  • Time: The meeting is scheduled for 1:55 p.m. ET. It will be streamed on CBSN after it happens.
  • Location: Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.
  • Online stream: Live on CBSN – in the player above and on your mobile or streaming device

Source: Watch: Trump meets with Guatemala’s president as impeachment plays out on Capitol Hill