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10 Travel Trends To Add To Your Bucket List (& How To Do Them Well)

Travel trends range from staycations to going to a new city for a music festival. These are the 10 best travel trends that should go on your list.

Nowadays, people seem more inclined to spend their extra earnings on traveling rather than materialistic items. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 1.34 billion people traveled in 2018 alone, compared to the mere 84 million who did the year before. People travel for multiple reasons, the least of which is the need for a simple getaway.

Traveling not only offers the ability to see a variety of cultures, but it can also help people with health ailments. Travel has become almost a cardinal standpoint for some, while others just have an overwhelming travel bug that they can’t seem to get rid of. Whatever your reasons to explore the Earth may be, take the following into consideration for your next venture. Here are 10 travel trends you need to add you your bucket list (and how to do them well)! Continue at Source: 10 Travel Trends To Add To Your Bucket List (& How To Do Them Well)


10 travel and tourism trends will get you on your best journeys

From eco-tourism to co-living, Mapped’s travel experts have identified the top travel and tourism trends for 2019 that every wanderluster should know about.

Heading into the busiest travel season of the year, (hello, Summer getaways!) Mapped’s experts have identified the top travel and tourism trends for 2019 that every wanderluster should know about. See more at Source: 10 travel and tourism trends to inspire your next getaway in 2019

6 Biggest and Best Food Trends To Devour This Summer

Food trends come and go but we still want to try the restaurants home to them all. Here’s where you can get your hands on all the latest grub.

You’d think our taste buds would be trend-proof, that our appetites are immune to the passing whims of experimental chefs. Foods aren’t fads. Except… some of the tastiest plates from recent years definitely started out that way. Gourmet burgers, Korean BBQ, small-plates everything – they all mushroomed from trendy restaurants in trendy quarters of trendy cities. See more at Source: 6 Food Trends To Devour This Summer

7 travel trends of future tourism

Global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman presents the seven key trends that will have the greatest impact on the furture of tourism.

“Trends such as digitalisation and responsible tourism are unique state-of-the-art concepts, transforming the entire hospitality industry globally and regionally. Phenomena such as IoT will enable the potential of the region and drive economic growth for local governments to support these developments,” said Matthieu De Clercq, partner, public sector, Oliver Wyman. Read more at Source: The future of tourism: 7 travel trends you should know

6 Explosive Technology Findings to Alter The Way We Live within Upcoming Decade

From quantum mechanics to psychedelics, the six major forces that will impact our lives over the coming decades

Innovations and disruptions are becoming increasingly common as they occur at never before seen rates. Many of the technologies that we expect to shape the future have already started making an impact on our lives. Yet, recent developments in these areas are pointing to significant repercussions that these technologies will have on our everyday lives in the future, often in unexpected ways.

Here are six key trends in technology that will impact our lives over the next decade.

Source: 6 Mind-Blowing Tech Trends Shaping the Next Decade

Skip-gen holidays: The top travel trend you probably haven’t heard about

Will you be trying it?

Multi-generational holidays, where three generations of a family travel together, has been on the increase for years but a new type of family getaway could soon take over.

Skip-gen trips, or gramping, is on the rise and it’s a fantastic way for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren and without the parents on holiday.

Source: The new travel trend for grandparents that you probably haven’t heard about