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11 Airbnbs in South America people are dreaming about

The South American continent offers beaches, farms, rain forests, mountains, and city locations. Friendly, accommodating hosts, delicious food, fascinating history, and spectacular scenery make a trip to South America a worthy adventure. Staying at one of these Airbnbs makes your trip convenient and cost-effective, too.

These are the Airbnbs in South America, from Brazil and Argentina to Peru and Ecuador, that Airbnb users are dreaming about, according to their wish lists. That means if you too are planning a South America vacation, you better act fast and book one of these before someone else does.

Source: These are the 11 South America Airbnbs everyone wants to stay in


12 historic Amtrak stations across America

Amtrak train stations: History of 12 grand stations across the U.S.

Amtrak shared the stories of some of its oldest and grandest train stations across the United States, starting with Denver Union Station • Denver • The station was built in 1881, and in 1894, the building was seriously damaged by fire. The central portion of the station was rebuilt in a more fashionable Romanesque style with a tall clock tower, and in 1914, the center block was designed in a grand Beaux-Arts style. The architects clad the structure’s steel frame with rusticated and richly carved Colorado granite. On the street and track facades, central recesses hold trios of two-story round arch windows flanked by end pavilions. The arches are embellished with scalloped designs and keystones in the form of scrolls with shields. The pavilions have central niches with decorative plaques bearing the dates “1881” and “1914” to mark the construction of the station’s two major sections. Above the prominent cornice there are clocks on the two main facades. Orange neon signs were later added over the clocks, proclaiming “Union Station—Travel by Train.”

Source: Amtrak train stations: History of 12 grand stations across the U.S.

Visit Village Castigno, the amazing organic wine and slow food heaven in southern France

We checked in at boutique village-hotel and luxury winery and spa, Château de Castigno.

Take a typical southern French village of roughly 200 people, erase the frankly uninspiring car park that acts as the main town square and turn the whole place into a digital detox haven dotted with three gastronomic restaurants and five-star designer rooms. The result, , a luxury village-hotel boasting 12 independent houses scattered around a handful of cobblestone alleyways.

From magenta to lilac, plum to lavender, each house has its walls and shutters painted in contrasting shades of purples and pinks to create a “village within a village” effect. Since its opening in 2015, the place remained voluntarily confidential thanks to a strict no-wifi policy. You won’t find many Instagrammers around the stunningly photogenic streets.

Source: An organic wine estate and slow food heaven in southern France

9 Unique Food and Drink Trail Destinations Across America

For travelers with a competitive streak (paired with relentless thirst and a bottomless stomach), many U.S. cities and regions now offer an ambitious means for exploring the local food and drink scene. Some trails offer “passports” you can get stamped at different stops—with a prize for filling up the book. And if you’re worried about how the heck you’ll stomach the journey, have no fear: Pint-sized or snack-sized options are in abundance at some stops.

Pack up for your world journey across 14 countries by train

For travellers who want to explore the world by train , a newly-launched trip may be a dream come true for you. View from the Trans-Siberian Railway across the tundra. Image by ©Typehistorian/Getty Images Railbookers has launched a trip called Around the World by Rail, which gives travellers the opportunity to discover four continents, 14 countries and over 20 cities.

Railbookers has launched a trip called Around the World by Rail, which gives travellers the opportunity to discover four continents, 14 countries and over 20 cities. The 56-day trip also takes in some of the world’s most famous train rides along the way, including the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

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Tourists Are Causing Headaches For Japan

Until recently, Japan didn’t have much of an influx of foreign tourists. Now, it does, and with that comes problems.

Of course, Japan should have a thriving tourism industry! This is a beautiful country with a rich culture, a long history and delicious food. But for much of the 20th and 21st century, foreign tourism in Japan didn’t really exist. There are obvious reasons for that: a World War and expensive air travel are the easiest explanations. Yet even during the 1990s, there weren’t many overseas visitors.

With the rise of Japan’s neighbours in Asia, the country has seen an influx of travellers like never before. In 2018, a record number of 31 million foreign tourists visited Japan, which as Nippon.com explains, was an 8.7 per cent increase from the previous year, which had also been a record-setting year.

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