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WATCH: German town offering $1.1 million to anyone who can prove it’s not a real place

There’s more than 300,000 people who live in the town, but if you can prove it’s all a hoax, you’ll be $1.1 million richer.

Despite the fact that more than 300,000 German citizens live in this city — which includes a university and an iconic castle — a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory posits that Bielefeld is not an actual place. In fact, the theory has been going around for decades, alleging that the town is fake and was created by the CIA. Because some people won’t let this thing go, German officials have decided to play the same game and offer up $1.1 million to whoever can prove that Bielefeld really, truly does not exist.

Source: German town offering $1.1 million to anyone who can prove it’s not a real place


WATCH: INCREDIBLE Footage shows 2 survivors take selfies as their plane crash in the ocean, film their own rescue

This incredible footage shows the moment a small plane crashes into the ocean off the California coast – before a pilot and his passenger on board filmed their own rescue while being stung by jelly fish and treading water.

Pilot Owen Leipelt filmed as the engine on his friend’s new Beechcraft Bonanza light aircraft failed and the plane hit the water off Half Moon Bay. Leipelt alerted air traffic control to the incident as he kept circling above the crash scene on Tuesday.

In the water below, pilot of the downed aircraft, David Lesh, 34, was also filming on his waterproof phone as he and his only passenger found themselves treading water for 40 minutes before being rescued. They were unharmed.

Source: Footage shows two survivors of plane crash film their own rescue

SCARY!!! Playland “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride

It was a day to remember at Playland, but not for the right reasons after one of the rides broke down with people still on board.

Laura Ballance with Playland says The Beast broke down in what she describes as a parts issue, but she is happy in how the staff reacted.

I’m happy to say that our ride operations team did exactly what they were trained to do, which was to bring the ride to a slow stop, and the ride did what it was designed to do in coming to that gradual stop,” says Ballance.

Ride-goers heard a loud noise while the ride was running. Everyone was able to get off without injury.

Source: Playland attraction “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride

SHOOTING at LUXURY Airbnb in Canada: Man CRITICAL in Toronto

An early morning shooting in Toronto’s Bridle Path neighbourhood has left a man with life-threatening injuries, police and paramedics say.

Emergency crews were called to The Bridle Path, south of Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road, for a report of a shooting at about 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. The shooting occurred while the home was being rented as an Airbnb and it is believed to have occurred outside.

Airbnb ‘urgently’ investigating incident

The large, luxurious home was listed on Airbnb, but the company said in an email on Sunday that the listing is no longer available on its platform and the guest who booked the property has been suspended as it “urgently” investigates.

Source: Shooting at Airbnb in Toronto leaves man with life-threatening injuries

WATCH: Brawl breaks out between Russia tourists on Turkish Airlines flight in front of SHOCKED Tourists and Screaming Babies

The Russian tourists were travelling from Istanbul, Turkey to Yekaterinburg, Russia. They were fighting in front of shocked tourists and screaming babies. It is understood three people were taken into custody.

This is the moment a fight erupts between air rage tourists minutes before takeoff.

The three Russian tourists, two men and one woman, were reportedly thrown off the Turkish Airlines flight in Istanbul after being accused of hooliganism, according to Russian media reports.

Footage appears to show other passengers crowding around and trying to calm the brawl down as they return to Russia after spending their holidays in Turkey.

Source: Brawl breaks out between Russia tourists on Turkish Airlines flight

WATCH: Spirit Airlines passengers scream in TERROR as BAT flies through the plane cabin travelling at 37,000ft 

PASSENGERS travelling with Spirit Airlines were left screaming in terror after a bat flew through the cabin mid-flight.

The bat was spotted 30 minutes after the flight took off according to one of the passengers.

Twitter user Peter Scattini tweeted a video of the bat with the caption: “There is deadass a bat on this Spirit Airline.”

He joked: “Me, twice a year: ‘I’ll never fly Spirit again.’

“Me, this morning, after deciding I’d rather save 12 dollars.”

In the video, the bat flies down the middle of the cabin while a child screams in shock.

Source: Spirit Airlines passengers scream in terror as bat flies through the plane cabin

WATCH: Chef went for drink to wait for delayed flight and ended up on 43-day bender

Thai chef Uthai Waenbarb, 36, was delayed for five days in Russia before a connecting flight home from Budapest.

Uthai Waenbarb was missing for 43 days after going on a drinking binge while waiting for a flight in Moscow. Uthai then hit the airport bars – downing alcohol for several hours before being arrested and kicked out of the airport in Moscow, with a standard 30-day visa.

The chef said he then continued drinking but has little memory of the next couple of weeks, during which he lost his passport, all his belongings and found work as a rubbish collector.

Dishevelled Uthai was finally found on Tuesday in Khimki city, around 27Km from Moscow airport.

Eventually two people saw his plight and took him to the Thai embassy in Moscow, where he is being looked after until he can return home.

Source: Chef went for drink to wait for delayed flight and ended up on 43-day bender

10 Hot Summer Reads to Turn Your Vacation into a BookCation

If you’re on vacation without a book, are you really on vacation at all? After all, what’s a day at the beach without a sensational beach read? And why even travel if it won’t provide some quality reading time? As any booklover can attest, no summer break is complete without ample reading material, because when it comes down to it, vacation is wherever your book is.

Source: 10 Hot Summer Reads to Turn Your Vacation into a BookCation

The 10 best large cruise ships in the world

Celebrity Cruises Royal Caribbean Cruises had an impressive showing in CruiseCritic’s 2019 survey of the best large cruise ships.

The company took eight of the 10 spots on the cruise-research website’s ranking, which was decided by reviews from CruiseCritic users. (A CruiseCritic representative said thousands of reviews were used in the website’s 2019 “cruiser’s choice” awards, but declined to give a specific number.)

Source: The 10 best large cruise ships

48 hours in. . . Austin, an insider guide to Texas’ weird and wonderful capital

The capital city of Texas is a lively and eclectic metropolis, where tech entrepreneurs rub elbows with musicians and artists, and hippies who have lived here since the Sixties sit on barstools next to recent hipster transplants. They have one thing in common: a mission to ‘Keep Austin Weird’. Situated in the heart of Texas Hill Country, the city is cradled in a beautiful natural environment that draws outdoors lovers, especially bikers, hikers and watersports enthusiasts.

Source: 48 hours in. . . Austin, an insider guide to Texas’ weird and wonderful capital