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10 Of The Most Beautiful Train Journey s Around The World

From the Orient Express to the Hogwarts Express (or something similar to it), here are some of the world’s most beautiful train routes.

For the majority of us, there’s nothing special about taking a train. It’s merely a means to an end, transporting us from the comfort of our homes into our daily grind, be it work, university or school. Trains don’t often get the love they deserve. The truth is, a journey by rail can be one of the most comfortable and stunning methods to see this big, wide world of ours.


10 best train trips to take across the U.S.

From Napa Valley to the Grand Canyon to the Rockies to New England (and everywhere in between), here are the best train travel trips in the U.S.A.

There’s a romance to train travel — the leisurely pace of a rail trip compared to the hustle of an airport or a crowded highway encourages you to relax. There are the historic train stations and roomy seats, plus the chance to get up and walk around, visit the dining car, or just sit and take in the scenery passing by.

There are many train journeys you can take across the United States, with stops in exciting cities, historic landmarks, and national parks along the way. From Napa Valley to New England, here are 10 of the best train travel routes in the country. Continue at Source: The best train trips to take across the U.S.

10 Step Interrailing Journey Through Italy

There are many beautiful countries to be found throughout every single corner of the globe, but there are few better ‘natural’ wonders than Italy. From the food to the people and everything in-between, it’s just one of those dream vacation destinations.

When you pair that together with the fun that is interrailing, it gets all the more entertaining. Being able to travel via train from place to place really is great fun, and it makes the art of traveling feel like even more of an adventure.

We’ve used Interrail Planner to set out our own journey across the boot-shaped nation, in case you need any tips. Continue at Source: A 10 Step Interrailing Journey Through Italy

11 scenic train trips around the world to see lakes, mountains and gorgeous vistas

There are beautiful train journeys for passengers to enjoy

Instead of flying from one destination to another, take your time and soak up the views aboard one of these trains with panoramic, scenic views, starting with the Coastal Pacific train in New Zealand. Running between the towns of Picton and Kaikoura, the six-hour journey meanders to places like Oaro, a serene and secretive world of cliffs and rocky, isolated beaches. As the Coastal Pacific railway heads north, the Kaikoura mountain ranges dominate the western skyline. The train also travels past places where it clings to the mountainside with the Pacific Ocean almost touching its tracks. Continue at Source: 11 scenic train trips around the world to see lakes, mountains and gorgeous vistas

5 great Interrail itineraries across Europe

Interrailing is an easy way to see the continent. We plot itineraries that cover the Med, the Alps and an affordable version of the Orient Express

The sight of a gleaming railway snaking over an Alpine pass or hugging a lake has long inspired travellers, and both are well served by rail routes. This itinerary weaves from France through Switzerland to Austria, with spectacular views that will glue you to the train windows. Continue at Source: Five great Interrail itineraries across Europe

5 Best Train Journeys Of The World, 2019

Travel by flight may turn out to be a status quotient but I must say, fun and excitement in train journeys is incomparable. Everyone has some or the other memories of train journeys. Such journeys leave a lasting impression when the route is scenic. Aslo read the best scenic rail journeys in Europe for 2019. […] Continue at Source: These Are The 5 Best Train Journeys Of The World, 2019 | CEOWORLD magazine