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Enjoy pasta like an Italian: 9 eating rules you may not know

Be it lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese, we all love our pasta. But in it’s homeland of Italy, there’s an etiquette around eating the stuff.

Source: 9 things to remember if you want to eat pasta like an Italian


More than 300 million people will celebrate Nowruz (and you should, too)

For millions of people across the globe, Nowruz is no small celebration. Think Christmas, New Year’s and Fourth of July combined — and add to that fire festivities, delicious meats, rice and spices, family gatherings, street dances and loud banging on pots. READ MORE …

Why Finland Is Consistently the Happiest Country on Earth

If you’re feeling low, it may be time to book a trip to Finland. The results of the seventh annual World Happpiness Report have revealed that residents of Finland are the happiest in the world — for the second year in a row. But it’s not something inherent in Finnish DNA, according to the researchers. READ MORE …