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6 Halal buffet spreads to get your feast on for Ramadan 2019

Yes, it’s that time of year — Ramadan, the sacred Muslim holy month, during which the world’s Muslims are encouraged to be humble (reference), strengthen their faith, and spend time in reflection and repentance.

The entire month will see devotees fast every day from dawn to sunset to empathize with the needy, and each night is meant to be spent with loved ones to iftar (break the fast) when the evening call to prayer is made. The iftar is something that hungry and thirsty devotees will look forward to each day (for obvious reasons), and on some days, they’ll make an event out of it with big meals — and what bigger meal is out there than buffets?

Source: 6 Halal buffet spreads to get your feast on for Ramadan 2019 | Coconuts Singapore


Enjoy pasta like an Italian: 9 eating rules you may not know

Be it lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese, we all love our pasta. But in it’s homeland of Italy, there’s an etiquette around eating the stuff.

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