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7 travel trends of future tourism

Global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman presents the seven key trends that will have the greatest impact on the furture of tourism.

“Trends such as digitalisation and responsible tourism are unique state-of-the-art concepts, transforming the entire hospitality industry globally and regionally. Phenomena such as IoT will enable the potential of the region and drive economic growth for local governments to support these developments,” said Matthieu De Clercq, partner, public sector, Oliver Wyman. Read more at Source: The future of tourism: 7 travel trends you should know


50 best tourist attractions across 50 states of America

From indoor skydiving to famous movie locations, these are the best and most popular destinations in each state.

While every state has a tourist trap that everyone should avoid, there are some tourist attractions that are actually worth a visit.

TripAdvisor compiled data from 2018 and found the most booked tourist attraction in every state. The attractions vary from famous landmarks to popular walking tours that tourists can’t seem to get enough of.

Keep reading to find out which tourist attraction or activity is the best in your state. Here is the best tourist attraction in every state, according to TripAdvisor

15 most tourist-friendly countries in the world 

The kind of welcome tourists receive in a foreign country can make or break a trip.

To identify the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, 24/7 Temporeviewed the World Economic Forum’s latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which ranked 136 countries on 14 pillars, including hotels, rental car companies, ATMs, quality of infrastructure and entertainment facilities. Scroll through the gallery to see the 15 countries ranked the highest, starting with No. 1: Austria: With more than 28 million international tourists a year, Austria has a booming tourism industry. Vienna, the capital, as well as Tyrol, a state in the Alps, are among the most popular destinations in Austria.

Source: 15 most tourist-friendly countries in the world

How Amsterdam is fighting back against mass tourism

Famous for its tolerance as much as its narrow houses and broad canals, Amsterdam is undergoing a radical change of attitude when it comes to the millions of tourists that flock to see it each year.
Tolerance, it seems, has reached its limits in the Dutch capital, which is now actively urging visitors to head elsewhere as frustrated locals complain of feeling besieged by visitors using the city’s bicycle-thronged streets as a travel playground.
“The pressure is very high,” says Ellen van Loon, a partner at Dutch architectural firm OMA who is involved in adapting the city for the future. “We don’t want to turn into a Venice. The problem we are currently facing is that Amsterdam is so loved by tourists, we just have so many coming to the city.”

Source: How Amsterdam is fighting back against mass tourism

Election tourism offers travelers a chance to see Indian democracy in action

For most travelers, a trip to India might center around temples, forts, festivals and food.

But for one niche set of visitors, it’s all about “election tourism” right now.
Home to the world’s largest democracy — with up to 900 million votes being cast in the current parliamentary election — India is an ideal place to immerse yourself in politics, history and culture.

Source: Election tourism offers travelers a chance to see Indian democracy in action

‘Travel and tourism is best way to develop nations’ – WTTC

G Developing countries should use tourism to boost their economies, WTTC chief says.

Source: ‘Travel and tourism is best way to develop nations’ – WTTC

Getting naked on vacation? Follow these 5 etiquette tips for nude resorts

Skip the potential awkwardness at a clothing-optional experience and go with an open mind, plus these helpful tips. Read More …

Explore this 15th century castle in Ireland to see the most popular private room in Airbnb

The most-visited private room in Airbnb history is a 15th century castle in Ireland, the company recently revealed. While it’s been refurbished to accommodate 21st century guests, the medieval castle in Galway has lost none of its noble and historic charms.

Source: A 15th century castle in Ireland is the most popular private room in Airbnb history

Travel to these 10 attractions, you may want to know the story of their fascinating names

Source: 10 curious place names and the stories behind them

10 best city bed & breakfast in Europe

Outside the city centre but only 20 minutes or so by bus, this B&B is beautifully furnished and great value. One of the best reasons to stay here is Yolande, the …

Source: 10 of the best city B&Bs in Europe: readers’ travel tips