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BREAKING: Man sets fire, kills multiple, hurts dozens at Japan’s Kyoto Animation studio: VIDEO

TOKYO: Several people have died in a fire at an animation studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto on Thursday (Jul 18) and authorities are investigating a possible arson attack, public broadcaster NHK reported, citing the police. The police did not say how many had died, NHK said.

The broadcaster reported earlier that the fire at the Kyoto Animation studio broke out around 10.30am.

“A man threw a liquid and set fire to it,” a Kyoto prefectural police spokesman said.

Source: Several dead, dozens hurt after fire breaks out at Japan’s Kyoto Animation studio: Report


You can buy, and eat, a grilled sparrow on the streets of Kyoto, so we did【Taste test】

A local Kyoto recipe like no other.

Kyoto has a reputation for having some of the best food in Japan, and with good reason. The city’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship extends to the culinary arts, with local delicacies including pressed mackerel sushi, tofu hot pot with bonito stock, and a variety of small dishes called obanzai that are made with locally harvested vegetables.

If you want to, though, you can skip all that and do what our reporter Mai did on her recent trip to Kyoto, and just straight up eat a sparrow. Continue at Source: You can buy, and eat, a grilled sparrow on the streets of Kyoto, so we did【Taste test】

6 Best Hotels In Tokyo

Tokyo is a sprawling megalopolis full of multistory LED light boards, closet-sized ramen shops, bullet trains and micro cars. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in the world, and every time I go I wish I could stay longer. As you’d expect in a city of 38 million, there are quite a few hotels to choose from. Each area of the city offers its own charms, and no list of hotels could hope to be complete.

However, there are of course standouts. Here are some of Tokyo’s finest and most interesting hotels. Continue at Source: The Best Hotels In Tokyo

10 Stunning Photos Of Tokyo At Night That Look Like They’re From The Future

The capital of Japan always seems to be ahead of the curve. In fact, many of the people behind futuristic films and television shows look to Tokyo for inspiration on how to design a city to be as modern and cutting edge as possible.

When it’s dark, the already innovative buildings throughout the city often light up in multiple colors, making Tokyo look even more advanced than it does in the daytime. Pictures of the city at night are magical and can often take your breath away. Here are a few examples of some of the modern advancements in Tokyo looking their most futuristic. Continue at Source: 10 Stunning Photos Of Tokyo At Night That Look Like They’re From The Future

7 Best Onsens and Baths in Tokyo

Japan is known for its love of hot springs so chill out, Japanese style, at these amazing spa and bathhouses in the Japanese capital.

Going to an onsen or a public bathhouse is a quintessentially Japanese experience. Onsen waters are natural and volcanic, pumped up from the ground, while bathhouse waters are simply reheated. Whichever place you go to, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Here are a small handful of places to get wet. Continue at Source: 7 Best Onsens and Baths in Tokyo

7 Best Day Trips to Take from Tokyo

Get out of town! Seriously. If you’re spending time in Tokyo, try to leave the big city for the day and explore these beautiful smaller towns, parks, and beaches.

If you come to Japan and only experience Tokyo, you’re missing out on seeing another side of this incredible country. Within an hour or two on the train, you can be soaking in a rustic onsen, eating hearty regional fare, exploring a temple, or staring at a plus-sized Buddha statue. So get a breath of fresh air and get out of Tokyo for the day. Continue at Source: The 7 Best Day Trips to Take from Tokyo