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Mind-Blowing VIDEO: Egg Peeled LESS THAN 1 SECOND – WATCH

  • Social media users have been wowed a clip showing hack to peel a boiled egg 
  • Video, shared by US Twitter account has been viewed 80,000 times
  • Person, in an unknown location, puts an egg in a glass with water and shakes it
  • They tip the egg out into their hand and are able to slip it from it’s shell with ease
  • Many have been left amazed by 9 second clip, with one calling it ‘dark magic’  

Source: Clever video hack showing how to peel a boiled egg WOWS social media users

INCREDIBLE Video: Woman Clean Snow on Her Driveway Using a FLAMETHROWER – WATCH 


How to defrost your car windshield in seconds

When winter rolls around, every driver knows the grueling — and cold — wait that comes with having to defrost your windshield before pulling away. This genius, from Wilson, North Carolina, claims to have figured out a way to effortlessly melt away the icy frost in seconds.

Source: How to defrost your car windshield in seconds

Genius tip: mom puts £1 shower caps over pram wheels to stop mud getting on her carpets

A MUM has revealed she puts shower caps on her pram wheels to stop mud from getting on the carpet – and parents have hailed her a ‘genius’.

Winter brings with it wet and soggy weather, which can be a nightmare if you have a buggy.

Source: Mum praised for genius tip of putting £1 shower caps over her pram wheels – to stop mud getting on her carpets

3 psychology secrets to become mentally strong

Mental toughness is the ability to manage your emotions and control your thoughts and behavior in ways that will set you up for success. It’s not something you’re born with— it’s something you can learn, and not only in tough times.

When I worked for the FBI, I learned that agents needed mental toughness to chip away at messy cases that can last for years. I learned that ignoring problems case wouldn’t make them go away. I had to learnhow to work through the problems until I found an answer.

Source: 3 psychology secrets to become mentally strong

Why travel makes you smarter and wiser

Want to max out the wisdom-inducing power of travel? Here are some experience-expanding parameters to impose on yourself the next time you leave home.

Early humans moved — from the savanna to forests to mountains to islands, between hot and cold, from coasts and deserts and tundra and back again. We hunted, farmed and built increasingly larger communities, and then we left those places too.
Humans were nomadic throughout the length of the Stone Age — and that represents 99% of our existence as a species.
Travel has clearly played a formative role in our evolution.
Our itinerant nature is also partly why our brains are so developed.
When you’re exposed to new experiences, your mental plasticity (rewiring, repairing) increases in a way that it doesn’t when you stay in a circumscribed space and repeat the same behavior day after day. Continue at Source: Why travel makes you smarter and wiser