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5 Of The Best Planetariums In The World

No toddler ever looked up at the sky and failed to question its parents about the remarkable shining objects, we know as stars. Since the time ancient Greek intellectuals looked up at the sky, recognized the patters and slow movements when most saw random white dots on a black canvas, to the recent times, when we got to witness the first ever image of a black hole, a concept so ahead of its time, stargazing and astronomy has always been a matter of interest to humans.

As the years went by and we understood more about the night sky, the means to observe and study such celestial objects changed drastically. To teach and get people familiar with constellations, stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and so many more celestial objects, in an extravagant and theatrical manner, the concept of public access planetariums was introduced. The dome-shaped structures with a large area to sit and observe as the complex motions and structures are projected all around the observers, with spellbinding music that provide such a stimulating experience, not one person dare avert their eyes. With abundance of such theatres opened across the world, following are the top 5 planetariums in the world, which should definitely be explored! Continue at Source: 5 Of The Best Planetariums In The World | CEOWORLD magazine


13 best regional theaters across the United States

Since 1979, the Denver Center Theatre Company has created more than 400 stage productions from scratch. Shown here is “The Who’s Tommy.” ADAMS VISCOM

There’s no need to visit New York to see a great show. These local companies stage some of the country’s best productions.

Source: Great regional theaters across the US

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