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WATCH: CRAZY Footage of Sydney stabbing – Knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is taken down by Brit and Aussie heroes armed with CHAIR and MILK CRATE


HEROES have fought off a knife-wielding attacker with a chair before pinning him to the ground with a milk crate after he allegedly stabbed a woman and ran through the streets of Sydney with a huge blade.

The suspect was filmed yelling “Allahu Akbar ” and “shoot me in the f***ing face” as he ran through the Australian city with a bloody knife before brave witnesses – including three Brits – tackled him to the ground.

Source: Man arrested after ‘knifing woman’ in Sydney before running in city with blade


OFFICIAL: 14 People Killed, 145 Wounded as Taliban bomber detonates his EXPLOSIVE-packed car In Kabul

KABUL — A Taliban suicide car bomber targeted a police station the Afghan capital on Wednesday, killing 14 people and wounding 145, most of them civilians, officials said in what was one of the worst attacks in Kabul this year.

The shattering morning blast rocked much of the city, just a day after a U.S. envoy and the Taliban reported progress in their talks on negotiating an end to the nearly 18-year war in Afghanistan. Many Afghans worry what will happen once the estimated 20,000 U.S. and NATO troops in the country return home.

The Taliban bomber detonated his explosives-packed car at a security checkpoint outside the police headquarters in a minority Shiite neighbourhood in western Kabul, police spokesman Firdaus Faramarz said. A military training school is located nearby.

Source: Taliban suicide blast in Kabul killed 14 people, wounded 145

WATCH: MASSIVE Car explosion in central Cairo kills at least 17, Multiple injured, death toll rising


Cairo: At least 17 people have died and 32 have been injured in an explosion outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute in central Cairo.

A car driving against traffic collided with three other cars on Monday causing the explosion, Egypt’s interior ministry said in a statement.

Source: Car explosion in central Cairo kills

ALERT! Israel warns tourists in Kashmir to leave immediately – Counterterrorism Bureau

Counterterrorism Bureau warns Israeli tourists to follow local government’s instructions, leave Kashmir region immediately.

Israel’s Counterterrorism Bureau on Saturday warned Israelis in India’s Kashmir region to leave the area immediately.

Israel’s warning follows a warning by the Jammu and Kashmir local government regarding the Kashmir valley, and a call for foreign tourists to leave the area immediately.

The Bureau also pointed out to tourists the regular travel warning banning visits to the Kashmir region due to “high-level concrete threats.”

Source: Israel warns tourists in Kashmir to leave immediately

ALERT: New wave of terrorist attacks to strike Europe before end of year as 30,000 foreign ISIS fighters may still be alive, UN warns

A HUGE army of Isis fighters may still be alive and preparing for a violent comeback by the end of this year, the UN warns.

In Syria, where the death cult’s stronghold was toppled in March, a covert network is spreading and sleeper cells are being established at the provincial level, a report concludes.

The authors raise concerns about up to 30,000 foreigners who travelled to the  so-called caliphate to fight and who may still be alive.

The report said: “Their future prospects will be of international concern for the foreseeable future.

Source: New wave of terrorist attacks to strike Europe before end of year as 30,000 foreign ISIS fighters may still be alive, UN warns

WATCH: “QAnon” Slogan WWG1WGA ANNOUNCED At Trump Rally DESPITE OF FBI Warns of ‘Domestic Terror Threat for ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’


The FBI warns that the fringe conspiracy theory is a domestic terror threat. But it’s got a strong presence at the president’s rallies. Read more

Source: Trump warm-up speaker utters “QAnon” slogan

WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard says President Trump Is “Supporting al Qaeda” – CNN Democratic Presidential Debate 2019

GABBARD at CNN Debate: This current President is continuing to betray us. We were supposed to be going after al Qaeda, but over years now, not only have we not gone after al Qaeda … our President is supporting al Qaeda

Source: Gabbard: Trump Is “Supporting al Qaeda”

DISTURBING: ISIS Using ‘Telegram’ App To Plan Attacks On US Cities (VIDEO)

A pro-ISIS group has been using the social media app Telegram to plan major terrorist attacks in major US cities. The group Ash-Shaff Media Foundation shared several posters that call for ISIS supporters to carry out deadly attacks in the West.

Source: DISTURBING: ISIS Using ‘Telegram’ App To Plan Attacks On US Cities (VIDEO)

At least 28 killed, Mostly Women and Children as Afghan bus hits ‘Taliban’ bomb, multiple injured

 Dozens of passengers, mainly women and children, were killed in western Afghanistan on Wednesday when the bus they were travelling in hit a roadside bomb

.”A passenger bus travelling on the Kandahar-Herat highway hit a Taliban roadside bomb. So far at least 28 killed, 10 wounded,” said Muhibullah Muhib, the spokesman for Farah province.

All were civilians, mostly women and children, he said. Farooq Barakzai, a spokesman for Farah’s governor, confirmed the toll but warned it may rise higher.

Source: At least 28 killed as Afghan bus hits ‘Taliban’ bomb

Man Threatens to Cut President Trump into ‘TWO PORTIONS’ in Arabic While Being Arrested at Fort Lauderdale Walmart; his Facebook reads ‘Victory is From Allah’

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – A man accused of trying to slash a Walmart employee with scissors in Fort Lauderdale now faces federal charges after allegedly threatening President Donald Trump while he was being arrested. Federal court records show Mohammed Omar Haji Mohammed, 36, is charged with making threats against the president during the July 8 altercation.

The alleged threats, translated into English by the FBI, include: “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives. God will send angels to destroy you.”

And this: “l need Trump cut. I want to cut, two portions.”

One Mohammed Facebook post read: “Whoever knows why I came to America wait for the urgent news on television screens and victory is from Allah.”

Source: Fort Lauderdale man accused of threatening President Trump