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VIDEO: Man opens fire inside Walmart Caught on Camera – Memphis, Tennessee – WATCH

Police are looking for a man who opened fire inside a Walmart in Memphis.

The shooting at the Neighborhood Walmart is caught on camera.

Investigators say two men accosted a man who had just withdrawn cash at the customer service counter on Tuesday evening.

The man suddenly pulled out a gun and started shooting at the two men.

Source: VIDEO: Man opens fire inside Memphis Walmart


Baby dog thrown from 29 feet over bridge down to the ground next to police officer – WATCH

Knoxville Police said an investigation is underway after officers rescued a puppy which had been thrown from an overpass on Alcoa Highway.

According to records, an officer was parked beneath the overpass near Tyson Skate Park in his cruiser when he heard “a deep male voice grunting and cursing.” The officer said he heard a loud impact and a dog whining.

Upon investigation, the officer reportedly found a female puppy bleeding from her mouth with abrasions on her paws. The officer said the dog appeared to have a broken leg.

The officers measured the drop from the bridge and determined the fall to be 29 feet and 9 inches.

Source: Tips will ‘play significant role’ in case of puppy thrown from overpass

Woman Points Gun at McDonald’s Employees For Giving Her Ketchup Instead of Jelly – WATCH

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (CBS Local) — A Tennessee woman allegedly pulled a gun at a McDonald’s restaurant apparently after a mix-up over condiments, police said.

Three employees told authorities that they were working at the fast food restaurant on Nov. 25 when Asia Chauntel Vester, 20, submitted an order in the drive-thru line.

Vester received her food, but then allegedly became upset when she was given ketchup instead of jelly, CBS affiliate WREG reported.

Words were reportedly exchanged and that’s when Vester allegedly pulled out a gun, pointed it at the employees and then drove away, according to the arrest affidavit.

Source: Police: Woman Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Employees After She Receives Ketchup Instead of Jelly

WATCH: Electric eel powers Christmas lights at Tennessee Aquarium

Visitors to the Tennessee Aquarium may be shocked to learn that an electric eel named Miguel Wattson is lighting up a Christmas tree.

A special system connected to Miguel’s tank enables his shocks to power strands of lights on a nearby tree, according to a news release.

Source: Shocked? Electric eel powers aquarium’s Christmas lights

2 men raped 2 homeless men in Smoky Mountains, Tennessee – WATCH

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) – Two men could face life in federal prison after pleading guilty into taking two homeless men from Knoxville to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to be raped.

Dusty William Oliver and Richard L. Graham agreed to plead guilty on Thursday to aiding and abetting aggravated sexual assault of two men.

According to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville, a homeless man, referred to as RP, was walking along Chapman Highway while intoxicated in June 2012 when Oliver and Graham approached in a vehicle asking if he wanted a ride to the Bristol, Tenn. for the races.

RP realized once inside the vehicle that it was headed the opposite way from Bristol and the three soon arrived at a trailhead of the Appalachian Trail.

The three began hiking and Oliver and Graham soon overpowered the RP and raped him, according to court filings.

Source: 2 plead guilty to raping homeless men in Smoky Mountains

‘She can suck d*ck sideways’ VIDEO: Kid Rock’s Drunken Rant on Stage: F*ck Oprah Winfrey – WATCH

Kid Rock made himself look sloppy and crude with this one.

Source: Kid Rock Goes on Drunken Rant About Oprah, Insists He’s Not Racist