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Young people can’t tell time by reading an analog clock


5 Things Piss Millennials Off Talking About Travel

Being a millennial myself, I feel pretty qualified to say that a majority of our generation is in love with traveling. Sure, not everyone gets excited about packing a carry-on bag, rushing to the airport, and scoring passport stamps — and that’s perfectly OK. But there are a lot of wanderlusters in our generation who would willingly purchase one-way plane tickets and never stop seeing the world. They would hop from one dreamy destination to the next, collecting stories and going on excursions along the way. Are you one of them? If so, you know that rush all too well and that, when you love to travel, you tend to hear a few things on the reg.

Teen girls with acne get better grades in school, here’s why

It’s hard to think of many upsides to having acne. (Good if you like … surprises? The color red? Doing science experiments on your skin to make zits go away?) But experiencing breakouts as a teenager may have its advantages in the long term.

Source: Why teen girls with acne get better grades in school

Expose Teens to Junk Food Industry’s Technique to Counter Their Appetite for Junk Food?

Researchers have suggested for years that the enormous amount of food marketing bombarding kids and teens contributes to rising levels of …

Source: Teens’ Appetite for Rebellion Can Counter Their Appetite for Junk Food

Screen time – even before bed – has little impact on teen well-being

Data from more than 17,000 teenagers show little evidence of a relationship between .. Read More…

Young Canadians less likely to buy a car, but more likely to go EV: survey

Younger Canadians are less likely than older ones to own or lease a vehicle, but if they do buy, they’d like to do it completely online. That’s one of the (rather … Read More …