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7 Best Sushi and Sashimi Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Craving raw fish, agadashi tofu and premium sake? We picked for you the leading sushi joints in Tel Aviv.

This establishment has been in business for over 25 years and that’s beginning to show – but credit must be given where it’s due. From the start, Yakimono offered high-quality, carefully prepared sushi that’s the closest to what you’ll get in Japan. Without compromising on ingredients, the restaurant offers exceptional dishes that you won’t find in other places – some of them based on Japanese yellowtail and river eel. Along with sushi, there are also unique salads, dim sum and numerous hot dishes on the menu. Continue at Source: Tel Aviv’s Best 7 Sushi and Sashimi Restaurants


10 Best Sushi Restaurants in South Florida

South Florida has a bounty of fresh fish at its disposal. Yet, despite the region’s proximity to the ocean and the seemingly endless fresh catches that land on plates year-round, attempting to find equally fresh sushi is often a challenge.

From indulgent omakase experiences to menus rife with dozens of specialty rolls and buffet-style spaces that churn out sushi and sashimi on rotating conveyor belts, these are the top sushi restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Continue at Source: The Ten Best Sushi Restaurants in South Florida

“I Was Hoping for Sushi. I Love Chinese Food” – Canadian PM Trudeau Comments Spark Debate in China

Justin Trudeau’s dreams of sushi spark debate on the Chinese internet over whether sushi really is Japanese or Chinese in origin

There are few things more quintessentially Japanese than sushi. Unless you’re in a certain section of the Chinese internet of course. And for that, we have Justin Trudeau partly to blame.

Appearing at the 2019 Press Gallery Dinner (the Canadian equivalent of the White House Correspondents Dinner) this weekend, the Canadian Prime Minister joked, “I was hoping for sushi. I love Chinese food”, in reference to his gaffes last week when he twice referred to Japan as China in front of Shinzo Abe.

It was a faintly humorous attempt at self-deprecation typical of the dinner. But that didn’t stop some in China from taking it far too seriously.

Source: “I Was Hoping for Sushi. I Love Chinese Food” – Trudeau Comments Spark Debate in China

The Hunt for NYC’s Best Sushi

A restaurant critic and his daughter walk into a sushi bar

Source: The Hunt for NYC’s Best Sushi

Eating at the Best Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco

It’s not exactly breaking news that San Francisco has an abundance of great sushi restaurants. And the odds are good that your local go-to joint consistently …

Source: The Best Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco

3D-Printed Sushi in Tokyo Coming Soon – A New Realm of Food

Japan has always led the way when it comes to new technologies and innovation, and its latest step towards the future concerns one of the country’s most famous dish — sushi. The new Sushi Singularity restaurant is the main project of the startup Open Meals.

Source: You’ll soon be able to try 3D-printed sushi in Tokyo