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Men who are ‘forced to penetrate’ are rape victims: Study says

A new study wants advocates to pay more attention to the “hidden crime” of male rape.

Men who are forced to penetrate their partners are often reluctant to report this abuse, even though they would consider being the victims of rape, and suffer severe emotional trauma because of it, according to a survey published this week by the UK’s Lancaster University Law School, in partnership with Survivors Manchester.

Source: Men who are ‘forced to penetrate’ are rape victims: study


Men’s bathroom doors have SIX times more germs than ladies’

When it comes to bathroom etiquette, the sins of men extend far beyond leaving the toilet seat up.

Men really are less likely than women to wash their hands after using the bathroom, research suggests, and may put other people at risk from the germs they leave behind.

A snapshot study swabbed the door handles of a large office building in London, discovering the men’s bathroom door contained almost six times more bacteria than the ladies’.

Source: Men’s bathroom doors have SIX times more germs than ladies’

5 Of The Best Planetariums In The World

No toddler ever looked up at the sky and failed to question its parents about the remarkable shining objects, we know as stars. Since the time ancient Greek intellectuals looked up at the sky, recognized the patters and slow movements when most saw random white dots on a black canvas, to the recent times, when we got to witness the first ever image of a black hole, a concept so ahead of its time, stargazing and astronomy has always been a matter of interest to humans.

As the years went by and we understood more about the night sky, the means to observe and study such celestial objects changed drastically. To teach and get people familiar with constellations, stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and so many more celestial objects, in an extravagant and theatrical manner, the concept of public access planetariums was introduced. The dome-shaped structures with a large area to sit and observe as the complex motions and structures are projected all around the observers, with spellbinding music that provide such a stimulating experience, not one person dare avert their eyes. With abundance of such theatres opened across the world, following are the top 5 planetariums in the world, which should definitely be explored! Continue at Source: 5 Of The Best Planetariums In The World | CEOWORLD magazine

This Is Why Dogs Have ‘Adopt me’ Eyes , Study Finds

Dogs were shaped during the course of domestication both in their behavior and in their anatomical features. Here we show that domestication transformed the facial muscle anatomy of dogs specifically for facial communication with humans. A muscle responsible for raising the inner eyebrow intensely is uniformly present in dogs but not in wolves. Behavioral data show that dogs also produce the eyebrow movement significantly more often and with higher intensity than wolves do, with highest-intensity movements produced exclusively by dogs. Interestingly, this movement increases paedomorphism and resembles an expression humans produce when sad, so its production in dogs may trigger a nurturing response. We hypothesize that dogs’ expressive eyebrows are the result of selection based on humans’ preferences. Continue at Source: Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs

Be healthy in your 30s to be fit later in life, study finds

Cognitive decline may begin in midlife and can develop over a period of 20 years.

Cognitive decline is the medical term for a decline in your abilities to think, remember, and make decisions. Researchers know now that cognitive decline may begin in midlife and can develop over a period of 20 years or so. See more at Source: It’s all related: People who are healthy in their 30s more likely to be fit later in life

Holiday travel boosts mental health, study finds

A study by Travelzoo, a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, has found that a staggering 83% of people say that taking a holiday has a positive effect on their mental health, and 70% of respondents are incorporating wellness activities into their travel plans for 2019. These findings come from a survey carried out in April of more than 10,000 Travelzoo members in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, the UK and the USA. Wellness holidays are defined as! Read more at Source: Study: Holiday travel boosts mental health | AZ Big Media

Average millennials’ net worth is $8,000, study finds

Millennials have a much lower net worth than previous generations, according to a new study.

The average net worth of Americans between the ages of 18 to 35 is less than $8,000 — about 34 percent lower than in 1996, a Deloitte studypublished Wednesday found. See more at Source: Average millennials’ net worth is $8,000, study finds

Most atheists and agnostics BELIEVE in the supernatural despite rejecting religion, study finds

According to research from the Understanding Unbelief project, even those who purport not to believe in any organized religion accepted at least some supernatural sentiments.

The study comes from the Understanding Unbelief project, which is sponsored through the University of Kent in the U.K. and was based on thousands of atheist or agnostic respondents.

‘Unbelief in God doesn’t necessarily entail unbelief in other supernatural phenomena,’ write the report’s authors. Read more at Source: Most atheists and agnostics BELIEVE in the supernatural, study finds

Alien-human hybrids are being reproduced, Oxford University instructor finds

Outlandish claim has a secret breeding program creating alien-human hybrids who can survive climate change.

Maybe you’ve never seen any space aliens, but recent polls indicate that up to 6 percent of Americans claim to have been abducted by them. The experience doesn’t sound pleasant. The extraterrestrials are often said to take their captives to their saucers, lay them out on a table and extract sperm from the men and impregnate the women.

If you’re familiar with UFO lore, you know there are a couple of common explanations for these breeding experiments. One is that the aliens are in a reproductive bind on their home world: They can no longer successfully procreate and so have come to Earth to use humans as incubators to spawn alien offspring. The other is that the aliens are producing hybrid beings that will somehow help them take over our planet.

Source: Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Scientists say otherwise.

4 Scientific Answers for Why You Should Read Books EVERYDAY

The ability to derive meaning from letters on a page or screen can be life-changing.

Reading is an activity which you may take for granted, but the ability to derive meaning from letters on a page or screen (if e-books are your thing) can be life-changing. Here are several ways researchers say reading books is good for you.

A researcher at the University of Oxford analyzed the survey responses of 17,200 people born in 1970, and determined that people who read books at age 16 were more likely to have a professional or managerial career at the age of 33.

Source: 4 Reasons You Should be Reading Books Daily, According to Science