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7 Best Things To Do In Stockholm

From museums to palaces, the best things to see and do in Stockholm, Sweden.

In what the Stockholmers call “the dark months,” folks tend to scurry to the next warm spot—although the Swedes pride themselves on getting out of the house for the grand tumble of things they have to do outdoors, not least of which, well north of town in Swedish Lapland, is the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Swedes bivouac for that.

Similarly, since the northern Nordic peninsula is a place of extremes, they also camp out to get the brunt of the Midnight Sun as it circumnavigates the horizon. Down in the old royal and business precincts of the Stockholm, things proceed with a bit more normalcy.

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7 Best Hotels In Stockholm

The best luxury and boutique hotels in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm is that classic northern archipelago town with its islands bound in some way to an idea of one city. But in daily life, the tumble of its 14 islands, and the islands lying immediately outside the city districts, operate almost as medieval city-states within the matrix.

The Swedish word holm means little island. It connotes an air of a haven, a cozy holding place or some kind of refuge, the ocean up here being what it is. The city of Stockholm is all of that and more.

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Where to find the best Swedish meatballs in Stockholm

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