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Starlink SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch 11/11/2019 – WATCH LIVE:

After more than three months, SpaceX will once again launch a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Monday morning. The company will launch its second batch of Starlink communication satellites, the first of which was launched back in May, bringing SpaceX closer to reaching its goal of providing global internet coverage from space.

Source: What you need to know about today’s SpaceX launch


Double meteor showers will light up sky Monday night

The Big Bend and South Georgia regions are in prime position to view dueling meteor showers Monday evening.

The pair of meteor showers, the Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids, are expected to rain down from the heavens, bring a combined number of 20 to 25 meteors per hour according to AccuWeather .

Source: Double meteor showers will light up sky Monday night

A “city-killing” asteroid just miss hitting the Earth yesterday. Why didn’t any scientist see it coming?

On Thursday, an asteroid called 2019 OK, traveling at almost 15 miles a second, came unusually close to impacting Earth. The asteroid passed by about 43,500 miles away — closer to Earth than our moon is. It was one of the closest known approaches of an asteroid to Earth since we started closely tracking the movements of objects in space.

If you had binoculars and knew exactly where to look, you could have briefly seen 2019 OK in the sky.

Source: A “city-killing” asteroid just zipped by Earth. Why didn’t we see it coming?

ALERT: China Outlines Space War Plans To Confront USA

China’s strategy for developing advanced space weapons were disclosed this week in Beijing’s first defense white paper issued in years.

The defense strategy report produced by the People’s Liberation Army was made public Wednesday and drops earlier veiled references by bluntly identifying the United States as Beijing’s main adversary that is undermining world peace.

The report—part policy statement and part propaganda—also claims the United States seeks “absolute military superiority.”

“The U.S. has adjusted its national security and defense strategies, and adopted unilateral policies,” the report said. “It has provoked and intensified competition among major countries, significantly increased its defense expenditure, pushed for additional capacity in nuclear, outer space, cyber and missile defense, and undermined global strategic stability.”

Source: China Outlines Space War Plans

5 out of this world Airbnbs to mark the moon landing at 50

These planetary properties come packing plenty of atmosphere.

On July 16, 1969, the late, great Neil Armstrong placed the first ever human foot on the surface of the moon, permanently expanding the horizons of science, and setting records for live TV ratings that will almost certainly never be broken.

To commemorate the moment, five space-inspired Airbnb rentals are now available on special offer – $11 (£8.65) per night, plus taxes, on selected dates.

Source: 5 out of this world Airbnbs to mark the moon landing at 50

Area 51: A travel guide for the person who signed up for the raid but isn’t ready to storm the gate

Everyone’s talking about Area 51 because of a satirical Facebook page where a million actual people signed up to storm the Nevada site to “see them aliens.”
It was all a joke! Storming a classified government site en masse is kind of a big lift and also very dangerous and illegal … right, guys?
But whether it’s the location’s secretive aura, the trendiness of conspiracies and unsolved mysteries or a secret collective desire to, you know, actually see them aliens, people are still fascinated. We’re not saying Area 51 is going to be the next hot tourist destination, but if you were to visit for non-nefarious reasons, here’s what you’d find.

Source: Area 51: A travel guide for the person who signed up for the raid but isn’t ready to storm the gate