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Alone, Happily Alone, in the Tatra Mountains

Empty hiking trails and winding roads suit the the 52 Places Traveler’s mood in Slovakia.

As any solo traveler knows, there’s a fine line between loneliness and blissful solitude. On the 52 Places journey so far, I’ve relished making unexpected and sometimes profound connections with other people. I still text regularly with people I met in Puerto Rico, 15 stops and more than three months ago; everywhere I’ve gone so far, when I’ve put myself out there, I’ve received unbridled hospitality in return.

So when I’ve found myself alone, like really alone, I’ve sometimes felt a purposelessness and a resulting sadness. Slovakia, though, had me leaning into solitude, and enjoying a sense of uninhibited joy that you just can’t get from other people.

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7 top tips for women planning to travel alone

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but can’t find a companion to keep you company on your adventure, don’t give up – consider travelling solo! A little nervous about that concept? No worries! We have seven top tips for solo female travellers, plus, some basic rules of safety when travelling abroad.

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Why You Should Travel Alone

An avid traveler, author, and surfing enthusiast, Allenie Caccam shares bits of her journey—from overcoming heartbreaks to writing poetry

Currently taking her Masters in Business Administration at Asia School of Business, in partnership with MIT Malaysia, Allenie Caccam is no stranger to being overseas.

As AirAsia’s Marketing Manager for International Markets, she also travels for a living.

“This has been my focus for the last seven months after releasing my book Travel Anyway,” says Caccam. “In between classes, I still find time to travel and write poems and essays for my second book.”

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