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ISIS is recruiting new suicide bombers in in Hong Kong and Singapore – REPORT

Domestic workers living in Hong Kong and Singapore are being targeted by ISIS. Alienated and vulnerable, they are easy prey. Some have become suicide bombers.

For six days a week, the three women worked as domestic workers in homes across Singapore. But in their spare time, they promoted ISIS online, donated money to militants overseas, and became so radicalized that at least one was ready to die as a suicide bomber in Syria, according to Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

The women — all Indonesian nationals — were arrested in September under Singapore’s Internal Security Act on suspicion of taking part in terror financing activities and face up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $500,000 Singapore dollars ($362,000).

Source: ISIS recruiters are preying on vulnerable domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore


Blonde Mom Sprays Milk from Her Breasts to Festival Goers – WATCH:

BIZARRE footage shows the moment a mum appears to spray her own breast milk at festival crowds. Wearing just a black swimming costume and pink boots, the blonde was filmed grinding to EDM at a festival in Southern California last month.

Source: Half-naked mum sprays her ‘BREAST MILK’ at festival crowds as fellow ravers lap it up in bizarre video

Drunk man drives from bar to bar using Walmart electric shopping cart to avoid arrest – Louisiana

A deputy spotted the electric scooter parked between two cars outside a bar more than half a mile from the Walmart around 12:30 a.m.

The officer spoke to the bar’s security guard, who identified 32-year-old Brice Kendell Williams as the man who had arrived on the Walmart scooter.

Williams told the officer he didn’t want to drive his own vehicle to the bar because he was afraid he would get a DWI, according to police.

Source: Man steals electric shopping cart from Walmart, drives it from one bar to another to avoid DWI

2 killed and 14 others injured due to smoke during traditional Native religious ceremony in New Mexico

Two people died and 14 others were injured during a traditional Navajo religious ceremony in New Mexico.

The 14 people who were injured were suffering from smoke inhalation, said Christina Tsosie, with the Navajo Police Department.

Source: Two dead and 14 people injured during traditional Navajo religious ceremony

EMOTIONAL: Sherman football player prays with opponent whose mom battling cancer – TEXAS – WATCH:

A Sherman football player has gone viral on social media after praying with his opponent, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Sherman High School senior Gage Smith had a couple of key plays at the game against West Mesquite on Friday, but it was what Smith did after the game that most people remember.

“When you’re playing the game, you’re playing to win and the other team is the enemy, but afterwards you still have respect for the other opponent,” Smith said.

Source: Sherman football player goes viral after praying with opponent

PIERS MORGAN to John Legend: Go rewrite your friends’ ‘filth’ lyrics instead of touching ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

My favorite festive holiday song is ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

Immortalized in the 1949 movie Neptune’s Daughter, it’s a joyous celebration of flirtation, as a handsome charming man tries to persuade a beautiful charming woman to stay with him on a wintry night.

There’s nothing sleazy about it, or nasty, or even remotely ‘problematic’ to quote the ghastly buzzword of modern day political correctness.

It’s fun, sexy, playful, and both the man and woman are completely in control of their own actions during the mutually enjoyable and totally consensual experience.

Source: PIERS MORGAN: ‘Saint’ John Legend should rewrite rapper pals’ lyrics