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LOOK: Twitter Marks Video of President Trump Talking To Supporters ‘SENSITIVE CONTENT’


10 Surprising Ways to Spot a Narcissist on Social Media

Find out how to spot narcissists before you fall for them

On TV, they are easy to spot. Characters like Dr. House captivate the audience with their arrogance, charisma, brilliance…and narcissism. While our attraction to narcissism may be harmless in a fictional setting, it has negative consequences in real life. By the time that we discover a narcissist’s façade, it is likely too late. We may have already started dating (and perhaps even loving) the narcissist. Continue at Source: 10 Surprising Ways to Spot a Narcissist on Social Media

Twitter makes students dumb, study finds

Using Twitter as an education tool brought test scores down among literature students in Italy, says a new study.

Scores on a standardized test were reduced by between 25% and 40% of a standard deviation, says a paper published this month by researchers in the economics and finance department at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. Read more at Source: Twitter makes students dumb, study finds

Millennials trust YouTube stars and bloggers more than their PARENTS, study shows

Youngsters trust the stars of social media more than their parents, according to new research that reveals how digital habits are sidelining family and friends.

Source: Millennials trust YouTube stars and bloggers more than their PARENTS, study shows

Social media causes youth depression, survey says

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, cases of mental health disorders rose exponentially among kids and young adults around … READ MORE …

PewDiePie lost YouTube crown to T-Series

PewDiePie, the YouTube star whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, was briefly dethroned on Monday as the owner of the YouTube channel with the most …READ MORE …

Social media addiction should be seen as a disease, MPs say


You can follow the Queen of England’s travel engagements on Instagram

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has created her first post on the official Royal Family Instagram account , and may continue to post so that the public can follow her travels around the UK on royal engagements. The monarch used an iPad to share an image of a letter written in 1843 by inventor and mathematician, Charles Babbage, to her great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert, as she visited the Science Museum’s summer exhibition, Top Secret. . . . READ MORE >>>

Watch Queen Elizabeth Proudly Make Her First Instagram Post

Forget Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and even BeyoncĂ©: There’s a new queen on Instagram worth following. On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth made her  . . . READ MORE >>>

New study shows the benefits of getting rid of Facebook

There are a lot of consequences to giving up Facebook — and many of them are positive.

Source: What happens when you get off Facebook for four weeks? Stanford researchers found out.

Read Full Study HERE …