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‘I would say it again,’ says woman who used N-Word in North Hills restaurant confrontation

A Tuesday night dinner at a North Hills restaurant ended in accusations and a racial slur, and the Raleigh woman who uttered it says she would say it again. …

 … “In your opinion,” Shaw replies. “Let me show you my money. It’s just as green as yours.”

“Why are you so stupid (racial slur)?” Goodman tells Shaw as she walks off.

“Do you call your black friends [that]?” the women ask her.

Goodman shakes her head, and as she picks up her purse to leave, says, “They’re not like you.”

Source: ‘I would say it again,’ says woman who used racial slur in North Hills restaurant confrontation


Biden Admits ‘A Lot of People Were Left Behind’ During the Obama Years

Joe Biden admitted “a lot of people were left behind” during his and President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.

Biden, who has pitched himself as the only Democrat capable of winning back the white working class in 2020, made the admission when being interviewed for a profile in The New York Times that was published on Tuesday.

Fox News Tucker Calls Canada a ‘Sick Society’ for Allowing Transgender to Successfully Sue Businesses that Won’t Wax His Private Parts

‘Why is this happening? You guessed, racism’

CARLSON: “Here’s a weird story out of Canada which used to be a boring country. Businesses are shut down, being dragged by courts, having their lives destroyed. Why is this happening? You guessed, racism, no. It’s radical gender activist. Jessica you need is a biological man who identifies as a transgender woman. To make a political point, she has been traveling across brick it is Columbia visiting salons that provide bikini waxing. The only problem is, she has male genitalia so some of the people who work at the salon refused to waxing. Some have religious reasons others were too uncomfortable to hear about in Canada, doesn’t matter. The to punish them. She is taking those and claim it as a human right to make another person touch your private parts so far, the Canadian government agrees that yaniv is when he peered one women had to close her business following the complaint viewed another, single and moderate, paid her $2500 simply to go away. One journalist was covering was banned from Twitter simply for observing the truth that yaniv is in fact, biological mail which is true. Why is all this happening? Well, it’s hard not to include the obvious because Canada is a sick society.”

New Evidence That Immigration Is Good for America

Immigration has become the signature issue of the Trump administration, and is likely to be a major focus of the 2020 election. Debates persist over whether an  . . . READ MORE >>>

Mental health issues affect most beggars, Edinburgh research concludes

A major study into the lives of beggars in Edinburgh, described as the first such research conducted in any UK city for 20 years, has been published by Shelter  . . . READ MORE >>>