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10 Best Countries to Visit If You’re Newly Single

From Italy to Australia, these wonderful countries are the perfect places to unwind and start to heal from a break-up.

Coming out of a relationship isn’t easy, even for the best of us. Luckily, air travel has made it so much easier to just get away and come to peace with yourself, and to help you forget the past.

Depending on whether you simply want to escape for a little while to collect yourself, reflect deeply on what just occurred, or lose yourself in a party atmosphere, there are several countries that may be perfect for you. Check out this list of the top 10 countries to visit when you are newly single and see which ones you would travel to, if this situation were to ever arise!


9 Relaxing Destinations for the Most Chill Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties used to mean an automatic invite to Las Vegas, with more than a few memories made (and a few left behind to forever stay in Vegas). While Sin City still remains a traditional hotspot to celebrate, brides-to-be are starting to get more creative with their party destinations. Sophie Turner, for example, grabbed her best girlfriends and took a private jet to Spain before her Paris wedding to Joe Jonas, while Lea Michele lived it up with her gals in a villa in Hawaii.

If a girls getaway is in your sights, but you’re looking for something more low-key than loco, we got you. Whether you want to spend quality time with your BFFs in a spa, at the beach, or window shopping in a new city together, here are nine relaxing destinations that will feel like a true vacation for everyone. Continue at Source: 9 Relaxing Destinations for the Most Chill Bachelorette Parties

7 Best Bars for Singles in San Francisco

San Francisco is a tough town to live in if you’re single. But to be fair, thanks to dating/hookup apps and the fact that everyone stares at a tiny computer in their hand at all times, that’s pretty much true about every city these days. Now factor into that equation that SF is transient, full of humans to which it has never occurred that ghosting/flaking is rude, and attracts people who would rather be in a serious commitment with their job than a human, well, it sometimes seems like actually forging a meaningful connection with another human is truly impossible. Continue at Source: The Best Bars for Singles in San Francisco

14 Best Bars for Singles in Philadelphia

These are the best bars for singles in Philadelphia.

9 Best Bars for Bachelors to Stay Up Late at Night Together in Miami

The best bars for singles in Miami. The places you’ll find your next hookup, heartbreak, one night stand, or “we don’t have a title.”

It’s 10pm on a Friday night and your coupled-up friends went home, leaving you in Brickell. It’s been a long week, and you want a nightcap. Plus the breeze feels good and you’ll be damned if you got all dressed up to only hit a restaurant. You’re looking to score. See more at Source: Best Bars For Single Mingling in Miami

Charlize Theron Is Single, Says Someone Needs to ‘Grow a Pair’ and Ask Her Out

Yes, her. She’s available. Charlize Theron is alone. No, we can’t believe it, either. But according to an interview the stunning South African star gave alongside fellow Long Shot star Seth Rogen at CinemaCon, she doesn’t have a special someone in her life.

Source: Charlize Theron Is Single, Says Someone Needs to ‘Grow a Pair’ and Ask Her Out