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Vibrator goes wrong: Sex toy gets stuck in woman’s bladder – Arizona – WATCH


MESA, AZ ( 3TV/CBS 5) – An Arizona woman is recovering from surgery after getting a sex toy stuck in her bladder. It’s a case that stunned emergency room doctors and an OBGYN, and that woman spoke out to Arizona’s Family warning others about the product she used.

She’s asked we keep her name anonymous. Her pleasure turned to pain in an instant. “Every time it went off it was like my entire abdomen was vibrating,” the Mesa woman said.

Source: Mesa woman gets emergency surgery after vibrator gets stuck in her bladder


This man is allergic to his own orgasm

So much for sexual healing.

The medical community generally agrees that sex is beneficial to your health. However, one Massachusetts millennial visited a doctor after experiencing allergic reactions every time he ejaculates, according to a new case study documented in the March issue of the medical journal Urology Case Reports.

The 25-year-old unnamed man reported suffering from “debilitating anxiety” and “brain fog” after climaxing — ever since he was a bittersweet 16.

Doctors diagnosed the man with post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), an ejaculation-induced disorder marked by “nasal congestion, burning eyes, concentration difficulties, irritability, depressed mood, and a flu-like state of generalized malaise,”

Source: Man’s orgasm allergy gives him ‘debilitating anxiety,’ ‘brain fog’

Have Sex Using Mouth: Watch Out For Cancer?

Well, this sucks.

Mouth cancer rates “have more than doubled in a generation,” according to a new awareness campaign by the Brit-based nonprofit Oral Health Foundation.

Over the past 20 years, mouth cancer diagnoses have skyrocketed 135 percent in the UK. In 2018 alone, seven people died every day from the disease out of a total 8,337 patients in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Source: Mouth cancer rates reach record high: Is oral sex to blame?

WATCH: ‘I like sex’ Iowa Attorney ‘Sex is fun and I can get paid for it’ Mom talks Prostitute as part-time Job in Nevada Beside Being a Wife

The mom, wife, attorney and prostitute hopes that by shining a light on her lifestyle, she can help decriminalize prostitution.

“I like sex,” Sears said. “Sex is fun and I can get paid for it.”

She began working as a prostitute three years ago, at the age of 27. Sears travels to Nevada, where prostitution is legal, and works in a brothel.

“You can make a job out of this? That’s fantastic,” Sears said. “Why would I not do this?”

By speaking about her experience, Sears hopes to educate people on a taboo topic.

… “If a prostitute sees somebody who is being trafficked, she is less likely to go to the police and report this because she is incriminating herself, too,” she said. “If she is not doing anything illegal and she’s just doing her job and her friend over here is having an issue, she is now in a position where she can get her help out of that situation.”

Source: ‘Why would I not do this?’ Attorney opens up about her life as a prostitute

WOW! Sex doll customers order models that ‘look like their friends’ girlfriends’ in bizarre trend

SEX doll customers are ordering models that look like their mates’ girlfriends, it’s claimed. Doll-makers Silicone Sex World say celebrity lookalikes aren’t as popular as you might expect, with blokes opting for more “every day” looks.

Product specialist Andy Phelps told the Daily Star: “We do get customers who enquire about celebrity dolls, although they are not as popular as you may think.

“We do get some strange requests for dolls that look like friends’ girlfriends.”

Source: Sex doll customers order models that ‘look like their friends’ girlfriends’ in bizarre trend

Source: Sex doll ‘clones’ demand soars as customers order models ‘of friends’ girlfriends’

WTF?!! 6 seniors arrested for having sex in public park in Fairfield

Police say the six, five men and an 85-year-old woman, were involved in lewd and sexual activity in the Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield earlier this month.

Source: 6 Senior Citizens Arrested For Public Sex in Fairfield

When you gotta have it, you gotta have it… and for six seniors, they had to have it immediately.

Six people ranging in age from 62 to 85 were busted on sex charges earlier this month after being involved in lewd and sexual activity in a public park.

Source: Senior citizens busted for having public sex