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20 cruise ships with top sanitary inspection scores for your next pleasant ocean journey

Twenty cruise ships have received perfect scores during their most recent sanitation inspection from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most cruise ships are pretty clean, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which inspects ships to make sure they maintain proper sanitation.

Of the more than 200 active cruise ships the CDC has inspected, most received a passing grade: at least an 86 on a 100-point sanitation score. A handful received a 100 on their most recent inspection, indicating a level of cleanliness that would be difficult to top.

Source: The 20 cleanest cruise ships

7 foods you should be washing and 7 you shouldn’t

While it may seem somewhat intuitive to wash all your foods before eating them, not all ingredients require that type of care.

Source: 7 foods you should be washing and 7 you shouldn’t

Food safety tips: home chefs should know to avoid foodborne illnesses

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Is pre-washed lettuce actually safe to eat as is?

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Maybe Everyone Should Blow Out Their Birthday Candles Like Mitt Romney

What if he’s not weird and you’re just gross? My team surprised me with a cake made out of my favorite snack—twinkies! Looking forward to all this year has in store. pic.twitter.com/lQfyIrQ9Qe — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) March 12, 2019 The other day, Utah senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney tweeted a video of his staff presenting him with a homemade cake, a Stonehenge-like array of Twinkies, for his 72nd birthday. . . . READ MORE >>>

The 8 foods a health inspector will never eat #eat #food #raw #health #inspector #safe #bacteria #sanitary #hygiene 

During her career as a health inspector, Lynn K. Richards has seen it all — and as a result, there are a few foods she knows better than to put on her plate.

Source: The 8 foods a health inspector will never eat