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VIDEO: Russia Attacks Turkey Post Killing Multiple Soldiers – WATCH

At least 22 Turkish soldiers have been killed in an airstrike by Syrian “regime forces”, a Turkish provincial governor has said.

Several more were badly hurt in the attack in Idlib in the north-west, Hatay governor Rahmi Dogan said. Other reports put the death toll higher.

Turkey’s president held a top-level security meeting after the strike.

Syrian forces are trying to retake Idlib from rebels who are backed by Turkish soldiers.

Source: Airstrike in Syria’s Idlib kills 22 Turkish troops

Shocking VIDEO: Russian warship attackingly plunges towards US Navy destroyer on North Arabian Sea – WATCH

  • A Russian warship, reportedly a surveillance and intelligence vessel, “aggressively approached” a US Navy destroyer on Thursday in the North Arabian Sea Thursday, the US Navy revealed Friday.
  • The Russian ship sailed to within 180 feet of the USS Farragut, CNN reports, citing defense officials. The Navy says the Farragut was initially unable to persuade the Russian vessel to alter course.
  • Last summer, the Navy faced a similar situation when a Russian destroyer sailed to within 100 feet of the USS Chancellorsville in the Pacific Ocean, risking a collision.

Source: Shocking US Navy videos show Russian warship ‘aggressively’ approaching a US destroyer, risking collision by initially refusing to change course

VIDEO: 2 ‘Islamic terrorists’ run over and stab 2 police officers to death on New Year’s Eve in Russia – WATCH

Mikail Miziyev, 18, and Akhmed Imagozhev, 22, attacked a police checkpoint in Magan, Russia, on New Year’s Eve, killing officers Zelemkhan Kokorkhoev and Zurab Daurbekov.

  • Mikail Miziyev, 18, and Akhmed Imagozhev, 22, attacked police in Magan, Russia 
  • Officers Zelemkhan Kokorkhoev, 34, and Zurab Daurbekov killed in the attack
  • Video shows Islamists running one of the men over before stabbing the other
  • Miziyev shot dead while Imagozhev, an arm wrestling champion, was wounded

Source: Horrifying moment two ‘Islamic terrorists’ kill two cops in a knife frenzy in Russia

VIDEO: Half-Naked Putin rides 2 DOLPHINS in Cuba to celebrate 20 years in power – WATCH

BIZARRE footage shows a topless Vladimir Putin swimming and kissing a pair of friendly dolphins.

The previously unseen footage was released by the Kremlin to commemorate the 20 th anniversary since the former KGB spy became Russian President.

According to Putin’s own press service, the video was filmed in December 2000 at Cuban health resort Varadero.

Source: Topless Vladimir Putin rides DOLPHINS in bizarre unseen footage to celebrate 20 years in power

VIDEO: Russian security services arrest terrorists following US Intel that Putin thanks Trump for – WATCH

Footage showed armed members of Russia’s FSB detaining the two suspects and uncovering boxes of shotgun shells, as well as knives, which the Kremlin said were intended for a New Year’s attack.

  • Putin thanked Trump ‘for information transmitted through the special services’
  • Russian security forces detained two Russians suspected of preparing terrorism
  • Kremlin said they planned atrocities on St. Petersburg during the celebration
  • Security service said it was grateful for intelligence from its ‘American partners’

    The Kremlin has released dramatic footage showing its security forces swooping on terror suspects after claiming they were given an FBI-tip-off of a New Year’s attack.

Source: Dramatic moment Russian security services used FBI tip-off to swoop on Russian terror suspects ‘plotting New Year’s attack’ as Kremlin says Putin called President Trump to thank him

BREAKING: Putin thanks President Trump for preventing terrorist attacks in Russia over New Year – watch

The Russian president says cooperation from US intelligence has prevented attacks within his country.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has thanked US counterpart Donald Trump for intelligence that helped foil “acts of terrorism” on Russian soil, according to a Kremlin statement.

Mr Putin and Mr Trump spoke on the phone on Sunday, it said.

The Kremlin said the information came via intelligence services, but it provided no further details.

Source: Putin thanks Trump for stopping terrorism in Russia