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VIDEO: Multiple Killed when Russian bus flies off bridge, plows upside down on frozen river in Siberia – WATCH

Two children aged approximately two and four years old were among the victims.

There were 43 passengers on board of the bus from Srentensk to Chita when it crashed over the bridge approximately seven metres high in the middle of the day on Sunday.

The rescue operation continues, with five medical brigades working at the site and an emergency helicopter with surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses flying from regional capital Chita.

Source: 19 dead, 21 injured in bas crash tragedy in Trans-Baikal region


WATCH: Everyone can sit on $1 Million LITERALLY! 


Visitors of Moscow’s Art Residence got the opportunity literally to sit on wads of cash on November 29 during the presentation of the “X10 Money Throne” artwork.

The piece, which comprises one million dollars in cash sandwiched between 7cm (2.8 inches) layers of bulletproof glass in the shape of a throne, is the result of a collaboration between Russian pop artist Alexei Sergiyenko and Russian entrepreneur Igor Rybakov.

Source: Made of money? Russia artist and billionaire make $1m throne

Cows wearing VR headsets produce better milk – WATCH

It’s not just humans who can benefit from VR. Moscow-area farmers strapped modified VR headsets to cows to see if it improved their mood — and, of course, their milk production.

The project subjected cattle to a simulated summer field with colors tuned for the animals’ eyes, giving them a decidedly more pleasing landscape than a plain, confining farm. And yes, the headsets were adapted to the “structural features” of cows’ heads so that they could see properly.

It appears to have worked, at least on a basic level. The first test reduced the cows’ anxiety and boosted their overall sentiment. While it’s not certain how well this affects the quality or volume of milk, there are plans for a more “comprehensive” study to answer that question.

Putin Challenges Trump: ‘US Dollar Will Collapse Soon’ – WATCH

Russian President Vladimir Putin succinctly summarized the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics. Vladimir Putin: “The Dollar Enjoyed Great Trust Around The World. But For Some Reason It Is Being Used As A Political Weapon, Imposing Restrictions. Many Countries Are Now Turning Away From The Dollar As A Reserve Currency. US Dollar Will Collapse Soon.”

Source: Vladimir Putin Sums Up New World Order In 5 Words: ‘US Dollar Will Collapse Soon’

‘They Warned They’ll Rape Me’: Russian Soldier Defends His Mass Shooting Killing 8 Comrades 

The soldier does not regret his “deliberate” actions that killed eight fellow servicemen, his father told Russian media.

A Russian conscript who gunned down eight fellow soldiers in the country’s Far East last month acted in retaliation to hazing and a rape threat, according to his reported testimony and his father’s remarks published Wednesday.

Private Ramil Shamsutdinov, 20, was detained Oct. 25 at the military base where he served and charged with murder. The Defense Ministry was quick to blame the shooting on a nervous breakdown, while later reporting hinted at hazing within unit 54160 in the closed town of Gorny, Zabaikalsky region.

Source: ‘They Warned They’ll Rape Me’: Russian Soldier Stands by Mass Shooting

WATCH: Russian pilot lets unqualified girlfriend TAKES CONTROL of IrAero passenger airline flight

The video showing a young woman trying her skills at controlling the plane was sent to news.Ykt.ru news website, with a message from several readers claiming it was filmed during an IrAero airline flight from Yakutsk to Batagai.

The woman who was identified by Russian media as Anna was filmed following the captain’s instructions.

‘Back, to the right, now to the left and turn it back,’ he is heard telling her.

She then queries the pilot, pointing at the navigation display: ‘Why can’t I get there?’

He answers: ‘Well, I’ve no idea why you can’t get there.’

Source: Real-life flight simulator scandal with woman reportedly allowed to co-pilot civilian plane