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7 Best Hotels in Rome

The rule in Rome is to enjoy—and these fine hotels leave nothing to chance.

Summer, winter, or in between, Rome hotels should be considered as a much-needed layer of insulation from the tumble of Roman life. Which can be difficult, in terms of urban services being infamously less than ideal.  The rule in Rome is to enjoy. But also trust your concierge to help you avoid trekking for miles after visiting the Forum and you can’t find a taxi back to your hotel.

Here are some of the best the Eternal City has to offer. Continue at Source: The Best Hotels in Rome


10 Best Things to Do in Rome with Kids

Everything you need to know to keep the little ones entertained on your next family trip.

At first glance, Rome might not seem like the most kid-friendly city—all those espressos, aperitivos, and talk of amore. But delve a little deeper, and you’ll find a bunch of diverse activities, experiences, and tours capable of keeping children (and their parents) entertained for hours. Whether its exploring Villa Borghese atop a six-seater bicycle; racing through the Vatican, wide-eyed, on a private treasure hunt; or making pizza in the bucolic Roman hills, there are plenty of adventures for the young, and young at heart, to be had in the Italian capital. Here, we’ve rounded up the best things to do in Rome with kids. Continue at Source: 10 Best Things to Do in Rome with Kids

11 Best Gelato Shops in Rome

If you didn’t get a cup or cone, did you even really visit Italy?

No trip to Rome is complete without a gelato (or ten). And in a city where there’s a gelateria on nearly every corner, it can be tempting to walk into the first one you see. But while most are good, a few are truly great. And you aren’t going to settle for just a “good” bowl of cacio e pepe or a “good” glass of Barolo, so why should “good” gelato be enough when with just a little extra effort could be eating the best gelato of your life. Here, the finest places in the Italian capital for your next gelato fix. Continue at Source: 11 Best Gelato Shops in Rome

14 Best Places for Shopping in Rome

Where to go when you want to take home a stylish or delicious souvenir.

When it comes to shopping in Rome, the city has everything; the streets are lined with storefronts of every kind and flavor. But luxe international brands and affordable, fast-fashion stores dominate the landscape, so finding those unforgettable, one-of-a-kind boutiques is an adventure. You’ll have to traverse neighborhoods and meander down side streets to find that meticulous leather artisan, the incredible contemporary concept store or one-of-a-kind jewelry designer all hidden in plain sight. Step into these shops and you’ll find more than just a beautiful gift, you’ll find stories from people who live and love in Rome. And the footwork will be worth it—step into one of these artisans’ shops and you’ll have a chance to see the real Rome. Continue at Source: 14 Best Places for Shopping in Rome

12 Of The Best Day Trips From Rome

Rome is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. There is always lots to do and see in this city that is filled with a host of historic sites. However, there are also many wonderful places to see in the surrounding Lazio region. just a day away from the crowds of Rome. Here are 12 of the best day trips from Rome: Continue at Source: 12 Of The Best Day Trips From Rome

Too much Dolce Vita can get you banned from Rome

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, surrounded by tourists. Photo Credit: JIMMOYHT/Shutterstock

The mayor ushered in a permanent get-tough approach on boorish behavior by tourists and those Romans who exploit them.

Exasperated by tourists who frolic in Rome’s public fountains, vandalize its monuments and treat its landmarks as their own personal living rooms, the city famous for its artistic heritage and easy-going lifestyle has had enough. Continue at Source: Too much Dolce Vita can get you banned from Rome: Travel Weekly