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5 countries to retire in if you find New Zealand too expensive

Fed up with NZ? Why not spend your golden years somewhere sunny and affordable?

As patriotic as New Zealanders can be, most of us are well aware Aotearoa is far from perfect.

With its relatively high cost of living, inclement winter weather and remoteness from just about everywhere, it can be tempting to contemplate upping and leaving for pastures greener, skies bluer and property prices far less financially ruinous.

If you no longer have work to worry about, your options are almost endless. Here are a few ideas for those in or approaching retirement – or fantasising about doing it early. Continue at Source: Five countries to retire in if you find New Zealand too expensive

12 Smart Places to Retire

These college towns aren’t just for students. Along with a mix of classes, culture and community, they offer first-class health care and modest taxes.

If you are among the growing number of people thinking about moving in retirement, we have some great suggestions—in fact, 12 of them.

Each of the cities and towns here is home to at least one college or university that offers access to concerts, interesting lectures and sports (without final exams and 8 a.m. French class). Most of our cities have a moderate cost of living, and all are located in states that exempt all or a portion of retirement income from taxes. Because health care is an important concern for retirees, our cities also have at least one hospital nearby that has received four or five stars—the highest rating—from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Continue at Source: 12 Smart Places to Retire

 21 Great Places Near the Mountains for Early Retirement

Of our 50 picks for the best place to retire early in each state, 21 offer the added benefit of nearby mountains to climb (or merely gaze upon) during your retirement.

Once you’ve made that difficult climb to achieve financial independence early, why not enjoy some literal climbs in your early retirement? America’s mountain majesties can be found in many locations all over the country, and many provide a perfect setting for you to get outdoors, stay fit and gain some perspective on your new life. Plus, higher altitudes also give you cooler weather and less humidity.

We pinpointed 50 great places in the U.S. for early retirees—one in each state—focusing on living costs, median incomes and poverty rates for residents ages 45 to 64, as well as local tax environments and labor markets (just in case you want to dip back into the workforce and stretch your retirement savings further). Of our 50 picks, these 21 destinations offer the added benefit of nearby peaks and valleys to explore. Continue at Source: Early Retirement Cities: 21 Great Places Near the Mountains to Retire

28 Great Places to Retire Early Near the Beach

A surprising number of our picks for 50 great places for early retirement boast nearby beaches — both freshwater and saltwater. Take a look at the list.

Lazing about the beach is a common retirement dream, but expensive oceanfront housing costs are often a big wake-up call. Then again, America is filled with great beachfront destinations from sea to shining sea and all the places in between. Far from the coasts, you can find desirable metro areas that offer access to freshwater beaches on lakes and rivers, so you still get to feel the sun on your face and the sand between your toes, but often at more affordable prices than you’ll encounter in popular coastal retirement cities. Continue at Source: Great Places to Retire Early Near the Beach

4 Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

THE MAJESTIC BLUE RIDGE Mountains and Atlantic Ocean beaches draw many retirees to North Carolina. You could spend your retirement years taking classes at a major research university, immersing yourself in the performing arts or rooting for your favorite professional sports team. The affordable cost of living and low housing prices means relocating to North Carolina could help improve your retirement finances. Many of North Carolina’s most beautiful attractions, including Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, cost nothing at all. Consider these retirement communities in North Carolina: Continue at Source: The Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

50 Great Places for Early Retirement in the U.S.

First of all, entering retirement at a relatively younger age means needing to stretch your nest egg further (hopefully). One way to do that is to find the right retirement destination for you. That’s because where you live makes a big impact on your budget, as it helps determine your living costs, tax bills and employment and income opportunities. Yes, you’ll be retired, but still being young, you may actually want to keep working a bit, whether to help pad your budget, pursue some passion project or just to stay busy with some kind of structure.

These economically healthy cities offer good settings for early retirees who might consider pursuing a second act during retirement. Continue at Source: 50 Great Places for Early Retirement in the U.S.