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10 Lavish Resorts From Around The World That Don’t Feel Real

If there’s one thing to put on your bucket list, it’s staying at one of the world’s most lavish and exclusive resorts. Offering far more than the average hotel, these resorts come complete with sublime views of the surrounding natural landscape, infinity plunge pools, world-class spas, highly acclaimed restaurants, entertainment venues, and even your own butler.

Located in some of the most luxurious destinations around the world, these resorts are well worth saving up for. Keep reading to find out more about 10 opulent resorts from around the world that definitely don’t feel real.

Source: 10 Lavish Resorts From Around The World That Don’t Feel Real

10 Best Resorts In Cabo San Lucas

Of all the many lodging experiences Cabo offers, these are the absolute best of the best resorts at this popular Mexico beach destination.

Cabo San Lucas is constantly changing. Resorts scheduled to open within the year include the Ritz-Carlton Zadún, the Four Seasons Costa Palma and the Aman. While Cabo is known for its all-inclusive hotels and nonstop party scene, its truly luxurious side is the biggest growing segment of the hospitality industry there. From boutique properties to full-on destinations unto themselves with every conceivable amenity, these resorts are the absolute best in Cabo.

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7 Best Hotels To Stay In Chiang Mai

There’s a reason people fall in love with Chiang Mai. Northern Thailand’s largest city is home to buzzing night markets, ornate temples and delectable (albeit spicy) regional cuisine. And its cooler climate and more laid-back atmosphere is the perfect contrast to lively Bangkok—and certainly a great option to round out any trip to the Southeast Asian country.

But where does one stay? For first-timers, staying in—or near—the Old City (also referred to as “the square” as it’s boxed in by a moat) is often preferred. But repeat visitors find the bucolic countryside the best way to experience the destination.

Here are some of the best hotels in Chiang Mai—from budget-friendly boutique properties to luxurious resorts.

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5 Beautiful Hotel And Resort Spas In Europe With Unforgettable Views

From Italy to Switzerland, Europe’s stunning hotel spas offer massages, facials, and wellness treatments with a big side of stunning views.

The weeks leading up to a vacation can be stressful, what with flights and hotels to book, dinners to reserve, and excursions to plan—plus, everything needs to be in order back home or in the office before you can jet off with true peace of mind. So while it can be tempting to pack every minute full of activities, it’s worth leaving one day of your trip to truly relax, and perhaps treat yourself to a spa day.

But what better way to relax and sight-see at the same time than visiting a hotel spa that’s got breathtaking views of its surroundings? While quality treatments and high-end products are essential for spa day magic, some of the best hotel spas also employ a strong sense of place—whether perched atop a mountain or set on a beach—to fully immerse guests in the moment.

Source: 5 Beautiful Hotel And Resort Spas In Europe With Unforgettable Views

6 Best Resorts In San Diego

San Diego is lovingly referred to as “America’s Finest City,” and nowhere is that more apparent than at its magnificent resorts.

With near-perfect temperatures year-round—locals laugh that when it’s 73 degrees, they’re sweating, and when it’s 71, they’re freezing—San Diego is all about sunshine and a cool SoCal vibe.

Its nickname is “America’s Finest City,” and nowhere is that more apparent than at its magnificent resorts. Whether you want to swim, bask in the sun or get pampered in the spa, these resorts are the places to do it all.

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8 Best Key West’s Hotels & Resorts

Just like the cast of characters you’ll encounter in Florida’s southernmost tip, no two Keys are exactly alike—and neither are their hotels.

Drive south from Miami along this southernmost stretch of the continental U.S.and you’ll discover an intriguing collection of islands strung together like a shell necklace, each with its own vibe. First up is the kitschy-cute Key Largo, where t-shirt shops may outnumber the tropical fish in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Dive into the gin-clear waters here, then rest your salty head at a boutique-style hotel from some of the big name players in the space. If you continue down Overseas Highway you’ll get to Islamorada, which takes its name from the purple-hued sunsets visible from the beachside hammocks and outdoor tiki bars. Further south still, Duck Key beckons families with a plush summer camp vibe. So whether fish trophies and shiplap or cosmopolitan coastal float your boat, there’s a hotel, and a Key, to match your every mood.