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‘I Love You Hitler’ Another CNN Personality’s Antisemitic Tweets Unearthed



Another CNN personality who was presenting on the CNN Arabic network as recently as last week appears to have expressed a series of antisemitic sentiments on Twitter, even praising Hitler. This follows the recent resignation of a CNN editor, whose past antisemitic statements surfaced Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, tweets surfaced, showing Farid writing, “I love you Hitler” and commending the Nazi dictator for “his determination to reach his goal.”

Source: Another CNN Personality’s Antisemitic Tweets Unearthed


Ilhan Omar Not Regret Anti-Semitic Comment

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is asked to apologize for her comments suggesting politicians support Israel because of donations they receive from pro-Israel causes. GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS: We also Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) about her past comments suggesting some politicians’ support for Israel is motivated by money. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle denounced those comments as anti-Semitic. REP. ILHAN OMAR (D-MN): Often times there are things that you might say might not hold weight for you but to someone else the way that we hear and consume information is very different from how the next person might. GAYLE KING: So you don’t regret your words either? OMAR: I do not. But I have gotten the — I am grateful for the opportunity to really learn how my words make people feel and have taken every single opportunity I’ve gotten to make sure that people understood that I apologize for it. I never really wanted them to — KING: Would you like to make it clear that you are not anti-Semitic? OMAR: Oh, certainly not. KING: Would you like to make that clear? OMAR: Yes and that nothing I said, at least to me, was meant for that purpose.

Source: Ilhan Omar: I Do Not Regret Israel Comment, But I Am Grateful To “Learn How My Words Make People Feel”

Boris Johnson said Islam left Muslim world ‘literally centuries behind

Boris Johnson has been accused of “promoting hatred” after penning an essay arguing Islam caused the Muslim world to be “literally centuries behind” the West.

The frontrunner for No 10 claimed there was something about Islam that held back development in parts of the world, creating a “Muslim grievance” fuelling virtually every conflict.

“The more bitterness and confusion there has been, to the point where virtually every global flashpoint you can think of – from Bosnia to Palestine to Iraq to Kashmir – involves some sense of Muslim grievance,” Mr Johnson wrote, in 2006.

Source: Boris Johnson said Islam left Muslim world ‘literally centuries behi…

20 of the world’s most beautiful Buddhist temples

These architectural marvels were designed to inspire peaceful reflection.

Between the mid-sixth and mid-fourth centuries B.C., Buddhism was founded in northeastern India and soon spread throughout the Asian subcontinent, influencing cultural and spiritual practices, art, and architecture. Today, around half a million people around the world practice Buddhism, which is built upon principles like the Four Noble Truths and pursuit of nirvana. While traditional Buddhist temples often reflect the architectural styles of the region, all are designed to facilitate quiet reflection and meditation. (Here are 38 beautiful holy sites around the world.) See more at Source: 20 of the world’s most beautiful Buddhist temples

Religious couples are the most satisfied in the bedroom, survey says

One of our world’s most persistent myths is that religion is the enemy of good sex. The idea of Christians as repressed Puritan prudes — as historically inaccurate as that is — still exerts enormous power over our imaginations.

The other side of that myth is perpetuated in the glamorous portrayals in movies and TV of sexual liberation juxtaposed alongside frigid marriages. The message is clear: Faith and tradition are shackles that must be shed if we are to enjoy the kind of freedom the sexual revolution promises. Read more at Source: BreakPoint: Religious couples are the most satisfied in the bedroom, survey says

Best Islamic Financial Institutions In The World 2019: Coming Into Their Own

Growth continues for Islamic financial institutions, helped by technology and product innovations.

Growth in assets and net profits across most markets in which they have significant client base made 2018 a pretty good year for Islamic financial institutions (IFIs). Realizing the importance of innovation in the face of competition from conventional banks as well as earch other, IFIs are increasingly investing in technology. The winners of Global Finance’s Islamic Finance Awards 2019 are institutions that have focused on product innovation supported by technology and service—and applied it successfully to generate good financial performance.

Source: Global Finance Magazine – Best Islamic Financial Institutions In The World 2019: Coming Into Their Own