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Muslims Are Sweet! WATCH: Sinead O’Connor: I’ve Been A Muslim My Whole Life But I Didn’t Even Realize It

Sinead O’Connor insists that she’s always been Muslim — but that she only realized it recently.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer, who revealed she was Muslim in 2018, explained on “Good Morning Britain” on Monday, “In Islam, you don’t call it conversion. You call it reversion — the idea is you were born Muslim in the first place, that any person with any logic would realize they were born Muslim all along.”

Source: Sinead O’Connor says she’s always been Muslim but didn’t realize it


LOOK: Sinead O’Connor Apologizes for Calling White People ‘Disgusting’

Irish musician Sinead O’Connor has backtracked and apologized for her comments last year in which she called white people and “non-Muslims” “disgusting.”

“I’m terribly sorry. What I’m about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it. But truly I never wanna spend time with white people again (if that’s what non-muslims are called),” the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer said. “Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting.”

Source: Sinead O’Connor Apologizes for Calling White People ‘Disgusting’

WATCH: Sinead O’Connor on Late Show Wearing Hijab Talks Being Muslim after Conversion to Islam

The Irish singer appeared last night on The Late Late Show in Dublin in a red abaya and matching hijab after she was spotted with her look alike teenage son

Singing sensation Sinead O’Connor appeared on Ireland’s The Late Late Show yesterday evening in traditional religious Islamic dress.

The 52 year old singer wore a red abaya – a robe-like over garment – with a hijab to match. A hijab is a head covering worn by many Muslim women.

Sinead O’Connor steps out with son, donning traditional hijab after conversion to Islam

LISTEN: Why Being a Better Jew Makes You a Better American

How religious tolerance is an American invention and why being a better Jew makes you a  better American.

Was religious tolerance born in America? Some believe that as far as modern times are concerned, the answer is positive.

The big question is what is the connection between being religious and being American.

Everything a Jew does is ultimately designed to make that person better. As a result, a person who invests in becoming a better Jew will probably become a better American as well.

Source: Why being a better Jew makes you a better American

Three Women Sentenced To 55 Years For Defying Compulsory Hijab In Iran

Three women held in custody for “disrespecting compulsory hijab,” or the so-called Islamic dress code, have been sentenced to a total of 55 years and six months.

A “Revolutionary Court” in the capital city of Tehran delivered the verdict to Monireh Arabshahi, Yasamin Ariany, and Mojgan Keshavarz who are behind bars in the notorious Qarchak prison.

Arabshahi and Ariany’s legal counsel, Amir Raeesian, told Ensaf News website August 1 that if the verdict is upheld, his clients would be sentenced to ten years to serve, each.

Source: Three Women Sentenced To 55 Years For Defying Compulsory Hijab In Iran

Nearly half of UK adults think Islam is ‘incompatible’ with British values

Almost a third of UK adults think Islam encourages Muslims to carry out acts of violence against non-Muslims, a survey suggests. It found nearly half (48 per cent) think the religion is ‘incompatible’ with British values.

The poll, which questioned 2,077 people of different ages, genders and regions, showed how ‘misunderstood’ the religion is in the UK, said the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of the public agreed most Brits have a negative view of Islam, while 58 per cent believe Islamophobia is widespread in the UK.

The results come as the country’s largest Muslim convention, the Jalsa Salana, will take place on Friday in Hampshire with more than 30,000 expected to attend.

Source: Nearly half of UK adults think Islam is ‘incompatible’ with British values