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What a ‘Date Satisfaction Survey’ taught me about modern dating

James Waterhouse sent a ‘Date Satisfaction Survey’ to every boy he’s ever dated. It started as a joke, an act of frivolity, but he discovered that it put a spot light … Read More …


8 Things You’ll Never Have To Ask For In A Healthy Relationship

In order to have a healthy relationship — where you both meet each other’s needs, feel fulfilled, and so on — you and your partner will need to keep … READ MORE …

Family mealtimes: the importance of eating together

Persuading children of any age to sit round a table at mealtimes can be a challenge, but eating together particularly with young children and teenagers, can be … READ MORE …

Advice for having a good fight in a relationship


How to stop eating alone

People eat healthier and build important social relationships when they eating as a community, whether at a program like the Stop’s community kitchen, or with  . . . READ MORE >>>

Why You Should Travel With Kids (Even Though Sucks Sometimes)

It can be a pain. It can be difficult. But in the end, it’s worth it to travel with kids. Traveling makes memories and brings your family together.. . . READ MORE >>>