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8 Useful Tips to Have a Successful Group Vacation

Different travel styles and personalities are sure to clash at some point during your getaway—here’s how to stave off any potential catastrophes.

Nothing puts a big dark cloud over an otherwise sun-filled vacation like different vacation styles among traveling companions—and the stress of managing them all. After all, you’ve invested too much time (plus a good chunk of change) planning what was supposed to be an amazing girls’ getaway or family vacation just to have it ruined by arguments or, perhaps worse, growing resentment because one person in the group is a morning person while another can’t be roused until at least 11 a.m. In extreme cases, a trip with mismatched vacation styles can even lead to isolation (which, depending on where you are, can put someone at an increased safety risk) or the end of an important relationship. Continue at Source: How to Take a Group Vacation (and Make Sure Everyone Gets Along)


10 Best Books For Networking

Networking, despite its value, is often misunderstood. By constantly getting new perspectives on networking, you can always remind yourself of how to best connect with others.

Networking is changing—technology and social media have made reaching out to others easier than ever before. Yet it’s as difficult as ever to establish meaningful connections with other people. At the heart of networking, past and present, is understanding the needs and wants of others, but it’s not always clear how to translate that into what you do on a daily basis.

For better or worse, everyone else is experiencing the same fractured landscape you are. The key to effective networking is always to put yourself out there as much as possible, but if you’re looking for more detailed strategies, here are 10 of the best books on networking to improve your skills: Continue at Source: Best Books For Networking

Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship? Only Under One Condition

Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship? Heres What an Expert Says It goes a little something like this: You notice that her ex liked one of her Instagrams, and your mind starts racing with suspicions. Or maybe, you think she’s eyeing some guy across the bar, and you instantly feel threatened.

Source: Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship? Only Under One Condition

Is Marriage Obsolete? The first part of a weeklong series that attempts to understand marriage.

I recently watched Planet Earth II with my family, and the footage of various animals waiting not so patiently for their mates to return to the proper rendezvous point in order to make sweet marital bird love or regurgitate a little fish smoothie into crying-baby throats was enough to send a chill down my spine.  Read More …