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Canadians Will Need to Apply for a Travel Authorization to Visit Europe from 2021



Seattle has among least aggressive drivers in U.S. among large cities, study finds

The Seattle area may not have the best drivers when it comes to avoiding crashes, but we are among the least aggressive in the nation, a new study . . . READ MORE >>>

Gas Buddy List of Top Aggressive Drivers . . . READ MORE >>>

Airlines are finally easing their rules on make-up and skirts for female flight attendants

Two major airlines recently announced that female air stewards are no longer required to wear make-up or skirts as part of their uniform. Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus made separate announcements last week and the shift in attitude has been welcomed by many who felt that the dress codes were outdated and restrictive. . . . READ MORE >>>

Americans Will Need a Visa to Visit Europe Starting in 2021 — Here’s What We Know

Travel to Europe won’t be so easy come 2021. In two years, Americans will need to apply for something called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) in order to enter the continent. The European Commission says the new visas will be enforced as an effort to upgrade international security, effective Jan. 1, 2021. . . . READ MORE >>>

Burning Man Issues New Rules and Pricing to Rid Off Ultra-luxury Campers and Influencers

As CEO of the nonprofit Burning Man Project, I do a lot of listening. People enthusiastically share their Burning Man experiences, ideas, and concerns with me. Lately, participants have been talking about some alarming changes in the culture of Burning Man in Black Rock City, and their speculation as to who and what is causing them.

Source: Cultural Course Correcting: Black Rock City 2019