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‘Blackface’ Trudeau Video – WATCH!

Global News has obtained video showing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in blackface, the third instance of racist dress to come to light in 12 hours.

It’s not clear when or where the video was taken, but the video, obtained exclusively by Global News, shows Trudeau covered in what appears to be dark makeup and raising his hands in the air while laughing, sticking his tongue out and making faces. He’s wearing a white T-shirt, and his jeans are ripped at the knees. It appears as though his arms and legs are covered in makeup as well. It does not appear the video was shot at the same time and place of the other photos of Trudeau in racist make-up that have emerged in the past 24 hours.

Source: Exclusive: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup


Black Man Sues Police Racist for Throwing Him in Jail Because of His Car Windows SO DARK

A Franklin man says he doesn’t feel safe and is filing an excessive force lawsuit against the Franklin Police Department after getting thrown in jail for a traffic violation.

Timothy Hamilton believes he’s the victim of severe racial profiling. Cell phone video obtained exclusively by FOX 17 News shows the tense moments Hamilton got handcuffed in September 2018. He says it all started with two Franklin Police officers telling him his window tint was too dark.

Source: Man files excessive force lawsuit against Franklin Police

INSANE CRUELTY! WATCH: Gang of Black Youth BRUTALLY Attack and Rob White Man in USA Broad Daylight

Three separate videos show a gang of Minneapolis youths attacking and robbing vulnerable white males in a string of possible hate crimes.

Police conducted a three-day search and arrested 16 individuals ranging from ages 13-25.

In the first video, an elderly white man is seen trying to walk past a crowded area full of young black people when he’s stopped and shoved by multiple suspects.

One of the suspects appears to reach into the man’s pocket and take something before running off with his loot.

Source: Insane Footage! Drunk Whites Assaulted & Robbed By Young Black Gang Members

‘How to Be a Better White Person’ WATCH: Chelsea Handler: ‘I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege’

“I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege,” Chelsea Handler announces in the trailer to her new Netflix special. “I want to know how to be a better white person to people of color.”

Arriving Friday, Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea. features yet another rich white celebrity presuming the rest of us are racist rubes and lecturing us on how we should live our lives.

Source: Chelsea Handler: ‘I Want to Know How to Be a Better White Person’

MOST Innocently BEAUTIFUL THING EVER! WATCH: 2 Best-Friend Toddlers Rushing to Hug As They’re So Happy to See Each Others inside Multicultural New York City

It was pure joy at first sight.

Two toddlers, one black and one white, saw each other on the streets of New York. Instantly they both ran to each other to give the biggest hug like true best friends do.

It was a hug that was practically bigger than the tiny tots themselves. Thanks to a Facebook video posted by one of their dads, this moment is warming hearts all throughout the internet.

The video stars 26-month-old Maxwell and 27-month-old Finnegan, two boys who have been friends for at least a year.

“They just took off toward each other and I just got my phone out as quickly as possible, and just tried to record it,” Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros, told CNN affiliate WPIX. “They are just too cute together.”

Source: Viral Video Shows 2-Year-Old Best Friends Running to Hug Each Other on NYC Street

LOOK: Sinead O’Connor Apologizes for Calling White People ‘Disgusting’

Irish musician Sinead O’Connor has backtracked and apologized for her comments last year in which she called white people and “non-Muslims” “disgusting.”

“I’m terribly sorry. What I’m about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it. But truly I never wanna spend time with white people again (if that’s what non-muslims are called),” the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer said. “Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting.”

Source: Sinead O’Connor Apologizes for Calling White People ‘Disgusting’