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VIDEO: Chinese man beats Kenyan worker like slave – WATCH

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya police say four Chinese migrant workers have been arrested following a widely circulated video appearing to show one of them caning a Kenyan worker for arriving late at a restaurant they all work in.

The video has led to outrage by many Kenyans on social media who likened it to the treatment of Kenyans by British colonists or slavery.

Police said three of those arrested Sunday have no valid work permits while one had an expired visitors visa. Authorities said Deng Hailan, the suspect who appeared to be caning the Kenyan, works as a chef at the Chez Wou restaurant in Nairobi but does not have a valid work permit.

Source: Video of Chinese man caning Kenyan worker sparks outrage

WATCH: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Parent shocks anti-racism school board meeting

SALINE, MI — A Michigan parent interrupted a school board meeting with a racist remark, while another parent was talking about how racism at the school was affecting his child.

Adrian Iraola, who is Latino, had a microphone and was sharing a story about his son crying himself to sleep because of the racial abuse he was being forced to endure at his school.

Iraola was mid-sentence when a man seated behind him spoke up.

“Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” the man, later identified as Tom Burtell, said.

The interjection caused audible gasps and looks of shock from other parents in the room.

Source: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Parent’s racist remark interrupts anti-racism school board meeting

‘White Only’ signs at antiques store in Colorado, ‘racist’ owner gets death threats – WATCH

CORTEZ, Colo. — Drive down Highway 491 in Cortez, and it’s tough to miss the Antique Corral. The shop is a bit of an antique itself, a popular store attracting tourists and others for several decades.

However, the store’s shelves are also stocked with some controversy.

“I was angry, confused, shocked and absolutely just dumbfounded,” said Nicola Shanks.

Shanks was shopping at the store several months ago when she says she stumbled upon several signs she believes were racist in nature, with messages that included “Public Swimming Pool – Whites Only” and “Colored Seating in Rear.”

Source: Southwest Colorado antique store owner accused of selling racist merchandise

Woman rips hijab off Muslim student to choke her and rub it all over her naked body in Oregon

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A woman is facing bias crime charges after she allegedly grabbed a foreign exchange student’s hijab and rubbed it on her naked body, according to court documents.

Jasmine Renee Campbell, 23, is facing two counts of second-degree bias crime, attempted strangulation, harassment, and third-degree criminal mischief.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on Nov. 12, 2019, at around 7:20 p.m. at the MAX station near 949 Southwest Yamhill Street.

Court documents state the victim, who is Muslim and a foreign exchange college student from Saudi Arabia, was at the MAX station when Campbell came up to her, grabbed her hijab, and then tried to choke her with it.

Campbell then forcibly took the hijab off the victim.

According to court documents, Campbell stripped down to nothing but a leather jacket and then rubbed the hijab over her naked body in various ways.

Source: Court docs: Woman accused of snatching hijab off head of foreign exchange student, using it in vulgar manner in downtown Portland

VIDEO: ‘We Hate Nigg*r’ Group of White Girls from Nutley High School Racist Snapchat Footage – WATCH

New Jersey – School officials in an Essex County school district have issued a statement after a video posted on social media showed a group of high school girls using racial slurs.

The video, originally posted on Snapchat on New Year’s Day, depicts several unidentified Nutley High School students using the N-word. The girls in the video are white.

Nutley school officials issued a statement Thursday condemning the video.

“While we cannot comment on the specifics of our investigation, please be assured that the Nutley Public School District condemns all acts of bigotry, racism and hate,” Superintendent Dr. Julie Glazer said in the statement.

Source: Video of Nutley students using racial slurs surfaces online

WATCH: ‘I’ll break every f*cking bone in your f*cking neck … You ‘f*cking n**ger’ Racist white NYPD Cop breaks in black woman’s house

The 26-year-old NYPD officer who admitted to a booze-fueled home invasion in which he mistakenly burst into a black woman’s home and threatened her family has quit the force “effective immediately,” a city spokeswoman said Thursday.

A neighbor’s security camera captured audio of Michael Reynolds threatening the victim, saying, “I’ll [expletive] break every bone in your [expletive] neck.”

A neighbor’s security camera captured audio of Reynolds threatening the victim, saying, “I’ll [expletive] break every bone in your [expletive] neck.”  A few seconds later, the recording seems to capture him using the N-word.