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The Queen will never let 13 people sit down at her dinner table, not because she’s superstitious

THE Queen is used to entertaining numerous guests at the palace, and she has a particular rule when organising the invite list. It is claimed that Her Majesty, 93, makes sure that she never has exactly 13 people in total when she has formal meal.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier told Fabulous Digital: “She won’t let 13 people sit down at a dinner table, not because she is superstitious but in case guests are.”

Despite her not believing the old wives’ tale that 13 is an unlucky number, the monarch is said to have some supernatural beliefs.

Phil added: “She does believes in ghosts and has several lucky charms in her handbag.”

Source: Why the Queen will never let 13 people sit down at her dinner table – and it’s not because she’s superstitious


Queen Elizabeth slaps nephew: Don’t Argue with Me, I Am The Queen – WATCH =>

SAN FRANCISCO — Sir Elton John is dishing about the time he watched the Queen slap her nephew.

According to multiple reports, the singer detailed the account in his upcoming memoir, “Me.”

He says it happened during a party many years ago. The queen had asked her nephew, Viscount Linley, to watch his sister, who wasn’t feeling well. When Linley refused, Elton John says her Royal Highness lightly slapped him across the face while saying: “Don’t argue with me. I am the Queen!” Her nephew eventually obliged. John says when the Queen noticed he was watching, she winked at him and walked away.

John’s official autobiography will be released on October 15.

Source: Elton John claims he once saw Queen Elizabeth slap her nephew

Queen Elizabeth II Eats This Unhealthy Food Every Single Day

Find out what the surprising food is that Queen Elizabeth has to have every day and what she refuses to eat.

Queen Elizabeth II has been Britain’s monarch for more than 60 years and is still working and in good health even in her 90s. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, people have become interested in her daily habits and continue to ask what’s her secret to a long life. Well for anyone who believes that it’s all about a healthy diet, what the queen eats every day will definitely surprise you. Continue at Source: Queen Elizabeth II Eats This Unhealthy Food Every Single Day

5 Dishes, 7 Wines Are Served to President Trump at the Queen’s State Dinner in London

Lamb and Elizabeth potatoes were on offer

President Donald Trump’s highly controversial U.K. state visit is in full swing — a nauseating procession of pomp and ceremony afforded to world heads of state, wherein they are lavished with food, wine, and small talk from the British royal family.

The “highlight” of a state visit is appropriately the state banquet with the Queen, — famously a “brisk eater” — various royal dignitaries, and politicians which took place at Buckingham Palace last night. Typically, a menu of four courses is served at a state banquet: fish, meat, pudding, and dessert — which, distinct from pudding, is traditionally some fruit. See more at Source: Donald Trump Did Not Eat Fast Food With the Queen

What Queen Elizabeth Eats And Doesn’t Eat

Royal Family fans might erroneously assume that with her wealth, Queen Elizabeth II would eat the most delectable dishes money can buy for every meal.

Source: What Queen Elizabeth Eats And Doesn’t Eat

You can follow the Queen of England’s travel engagements on Instagram

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has created her first post on the official Royal Family Instagram account , and may continue to post so that the public can follow her travels around the UK on royal engagements. The monarch used an iPad to share an image of a letter written in 1843 by inventor and mathematician, Charles Babbage, to her great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert, as she visited the Science Museum’s summer exhibition, Top Secret. . . . READ MORE >>>