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VIDEO: Puerto Rico Shocked by 5.8-magnitude Earthquake – WATCH

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A 5.8-magnitude quake hit Puerto Rico before dawn Monday, unleashing small landslides, causing power outages and severely cracking some homes. It was one of the strongest quakes yet to hit the U.S. territory that has been shaking for the past week.

The quake struck at 6:32 a.m. (1032 GMT) just south of the island at a relatively shallow depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles), according to the U.S. Geological Service. There was no tsunami threat, officials said.

Source: 5.8-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico, damage reported


WATCH: San Juan mayor, President Trump Slamming Each Other as Dorian Storm Approaching Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump criticized Puerto Rico on Wednesday as Tropical Storm Dorian threatened to descend on the island.

“Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth. Their political system is broken and their politicians are either Incompetent or Corrupt. Congress approved Billions of Dollars last time, more than anyplace else has ever gotten, and it is sent to Crooked Pols. No good!” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter. “

And by the way, I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico!” he wrote.

Source: Trump unloads on ‘corrupt’ Puerto Rico as Tropical Storm Dorian threatens island — San Juan mayor tells him to ‘calm down’

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, a vocal critic of the White House, told President Trump to “get out of the way” as a tropical storm descends on Puerto Rico.

“It seems like some people have learned the lessons of the past or are willing to say that they didn’t do right by us the first time and they’re trying to do their best. That is not the case with the president of the United States,” Cruz said on CNN on Tuesday.

“We are not going to be concerned by, frankly, his behavior, his lack of understanding, and it is ludicrous. Three thousand Puerto Ricans did not open their eyes this morning because this racist man did not have it within him to do his job. So get out of the way, President Trump, and let the people who can do the job get the job done.”

Source: San Juan mayor tells Trump to ‘get out of the way’ as storm bears

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump bashed a Puerto Rico mayor as “incompetent” as the island — which is still recovering from back-to-back hurricanes in 2017 — is bracing for Tropical Storm Dorian.

Trump wrote in a tweet Wednesday that he is closely tracking the tropical storm “as it heads, as usual, to Puerto Rico.”

“FEMA and all others are ready, and will do a great job,” he continued. “When they do, let them know it, and give them a big Thank You – Not like last time. That includes from the incompetent Mayor of San Juan!”

The tropical storm is expected to hit both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands on Wednesday, and will likely continue to Florida as a hurricane.

Source: ‘Incompetent’: Trump bashes Puerto Rico mayor as island braces for Tropical Storm Dorian

Trump joked that the US should trade Puerto Rico for Greenland

Trump has a rocky and tumultuous relationship with the leadership of Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island territory the US acquired from Spain in 1898.

As part of his interest in purchasing the island of Greenland from Denmark, President Donald Trump once joked that the US could trade Puerto Rico for Greenland, a former official told The New York Times.

Source: Trump once joked that the US should trade Puerto Rico for Greenland, according to a former administration official

BREAKING NEWS: Puerto Rico governor says he is resigning Aug. 2 after weeks of protests over leaked obscene, misogynistic online chats

Puerto Rico’s embattled governor Ricardo Rosselló has announced his resignation following almost two weeks of continuous mass protest on the island tied to a leaked text message scandal that saw him gradually abandoned by his own party. Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation – set for 2 August – was announced late on Wednesday.

Source: Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló to quit after weeks of protest

Trump: ‘I’m The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Puerto Rico’

As hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets of San Juan to call for the removal of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, President Donald Trump launched harsh verbal attacks on Puerto Rican officials.

Puerto Rico’s governor has refused to leave office after leaked messages revealed he and other government officials privately insulted women, people with disabilities and victims of Hurricane Maria. Trump told reporters on Monday that the governor and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz were “grossly incompetent.”

Source: Trump: ‘I’m The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Puerto Rico’

7 Best Places To Stay In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an full of immense natural beauty—from its mountain rainforests to the classic, Caribbean palm-lined beaches along its coasts. And whether you prefer a city getaway or a tropical hideaway, Puerto Rico has a hotel for you.

San Juan’s Old Town is a highlight for smaller boutique hotels, and there’s even more of interest if you venture east toward Ocean Park, a pretty, residential area of the city. As you get out of town the beauty intensifies, and in many places you may find you have the beach to yourself. Visitors willing to make the trek east to the islands of Vieques and Culebra (reached either by ferry or small plane) will find true gems of the Caribbean with an utterly relaxed pace and some of the best beaches in the world. Overall you’ll be spoiled for choice wherever you decide to venture, and often at surprisingly good prices. Continue at Source: Best Places To Stay In Puerto Rico