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10 Best Pubs In London For Locals And Tourists

Whether you’re a native Londoner or visiting for the first time, you’ll love going to these amazing pubs and enjoying a pint and some fish and chips.

The pub is a favorite pastime for Londoners. Many of the city’s pubs have been standing for centuries, and are still serving up traditional British fare, including the famous Sunday roast—and an array of drinks to a bar full of loyal patrons. Every pub offers something a little different, catering to a slightly different demographic, but there’s something for every kind of patron in London.


17 Best Pubs in Ireland

There are so many different ways to judge the top pubs in Ireland. Length of time in business, popularity, unique features, best pulled pints and poured cocktails, the quality of the craic and live music.

Thankfully, the folks at MailOnline Travel have shared their ranking of the best pubs in Ireland. If you’re trying to pick which pubs to prioritize on your next trip to Ireland, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Source: Ireland’s very best pubs revealed

10 Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland

Last month was Food and Drink month here on IrishCentral, so we asked you to tell us where the best place to eat in Ireland is.

Almost 200 IrishCentral readers responded to our survey, telling us where their favorite place in Ireland was and why.

Not surprisingly, “great food,” “friendly people,” and “music” were among the most popular reasons readers cited a pub or restaurant as their favorite:… continue reading Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland, according to you!

10 Edinburgh Pubs That Will Have You Stepping Back In Time

Exploring Edinburgh will have you convinced that somehow you have been transported back to a medieval time. Bursting with cobblestoned streets, charred-rock buildings, and imposing structures crafted in an age gone by, the city holds onto and celebrates its history within every corner. Continue at Source: 10 Edinburgh Pubs That Will Have You Stepping Back In Time

6 of Ireland’s best pubs you have to visit before you die revealed

THE best pubs in Ireland include one that got blown up by mistake, a spot where you can get a pint and a new belt, and a boozer that used to accept dead birds as payment.

The Dead Rabbit’s Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, from Belfast, together with Louth man and Irish whiskey expert Tim Herlihy conducted a two month-long whirlwind tour of the country in a VW bus they christened ‘Poppy’. Continue at Source: Six of Ireland’s best pubs you have to visit before you die revealed

7 Best Izakaya Restaurants in Tokyo

An izakaya is sort of like a gastropub: a casual drinking spot that has above-average pub grub. In Tokyo, you can’t throw an onigiri – a rice ball – without hitting one of these fun, festive, bibulous spots. So we sorted it out for you, finding the best izakayas in town. Below are the seven best. Continue at Source: 7 Best Izakaya Restaurants in Tokyo