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ALERT: Hong Kong braces for multiple planned protests including airport disruption and human chain

Hong Kong braced on Friday for further demonstrations and a “stress test” of the city’s international airport at the weekend, as nearly three months of anti-government protests showed no sign of abating.

Multiple protests are planned for Friday, including a march by accountants to government headquarters and a “Baltic Chain” event where protesters will join hands across different districts in the Chinese territory.

In 1989 an estimated two million people joined arms across three Baltic states in a protest against Soviet Union rule which became known as the Baltic Way or Baltic Chain.

Source: Hong Kong braces for multiple planned protests including airport disruption and human chain


WATCH: Tear Gas Canisters Raining From The Sky Down to Hong Kong Protesters’ Massive Crowd [VIDEO]

LOOK: Protesters Meet Trump In Kentucky And Mock His Small Penis

A protester in Louisville, Kentucky got met Donald Trump as he arrived at a hotel with a sign mocking his small penis.

Across the street from the hotel entrance, some protesters are standing quietly while holding a large white sign with large spray painted black letters that say:

“Donnie Has a SMALL Pee Pee.”

WATCH- Putin SCOLDS Macron: Russia doesn’t want PROTESTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Monday that Moscow did not want protests like the yellow vest ones that have convulsed France, but that peaceful demonstrations were fine. Gavino Garay explains.

Source: Putin chides Macron: Russia doesn’t want yellow vests

WATCH: President Trump warns ‘Tiananmen Square’ style crackdown in Hong Kong would threaten US-China trade deal

US President Donald Trump on Sunday warned China that carrying out a Tiananmen Square-style crackdown on Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters would harm trade talks between the two countries.

“I think it’d be very hard to deal if they do violence, I mean, if it’s another Tiananmen Square,” Trump told reporters in New Jersey. “I think it’s a very hard thing to do if there’s violence.”

Source: Trump warns ‘Tiananmen Square’ style crackdown in Hong Kong would threaten US-China trade deal

WATCH: Barron Trump is taller than his mom, even in her heels, and he’s sporting a new haircut

WATCH: Man Knocked Unconscious By Antifa At Portland Protest

After most of the pro Trump contingent left downtown Portland, a few scattered remnants of their group meandered in, apparently a little late and unaware of the developing situation. Seeing a couple of non conformists in their midst, the crazed leftists immediately pounced, accosting the couple and chasing them away.

Source: Man Knocked Unconscious By Antifa At Portland Protest

WATCH: Multiple Antifa VIOLENT Attacks Caught On Video During Demonstration In Portland

A series of Saturday clashes between Antifa and right-wing groups were caught on video and posted to Twitter by journalists Andy Ngo, Elijah Schaffer and others. Portland’s Rose City Antifa comprised one of the leftist groups there to oppose right-wing demonstrators from various organizations including Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, and Three Percenters.

Source: Multiple Attacks Caught On Video During Antifa Demonstration In Portland

WATCH: Viral Video Shows Russian policeman punching woman during protest, sparks outrage

A video clip of a Russian riot policeman punching a female protester has gone viral, provoking outrage on social networks. Russia’s Interior Ministry has promised that the “guilty will have to face responsibility.”

A video clip of a Russian policeman punching a female protester has provoked outrage in the media and on social networks.

In an interview with the Mediazona website, the woman, Daria Sosnovskaya, said she was dragged away by police for protesting the detention of a man with a disability. In the clip, seen here in a YouTube account belonging to VOA News, an officer is seen punching Sosnovskaya in the stomach as officers dragged her to a police vehicle.

Source: Viral clip of Russian policeman punching woman sparks outrage

ALERT VIDEO: China is sending tanks, military vehicles to Hong Kong border

China’s state-run newspaper People’s Daily today released a video that appears to show military vehicles being mobilised to a mainland city bordering Hong Kong.

The clip captures armoured fighting vehicles entering a ‘service area’ one after another while other military vehicles were travelling on a highway.

The news outlet said the footage had emerged on social media today without commenting on its authenticity.

However, the paper warned that Chinese law gives the country’s People’s Armed Police Force the right to deal with riots, chaos, serious violent incidents, terrorist attacks and other incidents regarding social security.

Source: China releases clip of military vehicles gathering at Hong Kong border

China calls Hong Kong pro-democracy activists ‘minions’ and ‘national scum’ who ‘wag their tails at their US masters’

Chinese state news agency has lashed out at pro-democracy Hong Kong activists, branding them as minions who plotted the anti-government movement in secret with their American masters.

Xinhua said in a commentary that a small group of people masterminded the unrest to bring chaos and turmoil to the city after frequently travelling to the U.S. to meet with Washington’s senior officials.

The article also called the activists ‘national scum’ who colluded with foreign forces to harm Hong Kong’s development.

Source: China calls Hong Kong activists ‘minions of their US masters’