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What Are ‘Ultra-Processed’ Foods?

It drives me a nuts when I hear people doling out advice to avoid “processed foods” or “anything in a package”. Unless you live on a …

Source: What Are ‘Ultra-Processed’ Foods?

Eating small amounts of red and processed meats may increase risk of early death

A new study suggests that eating red and processed meats — even in small amounts — may increase the risk of death from all causes, especially cardiovascular … Read More …

Nutrition: If you’re going to eat fast food, here are 6 things to consider

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The truth about the nitrates in your food

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Ready-to-eat meals that can be kept up to 24 months part of Sats’ $25m investment to produce more, reduce waste

After every flight, extra meals end up in the bin. To reduce waste, Sats, a major player in the food industry and Changi Airport’s main airline  . . . READ MORE >>>

What Is Food Shaming And How It Can Impact One’s Health? Know All About It

Food shaming is just as discriminatory, unhealthy and just as unfair as body shaming, mentions Jinal Shah in her Tedx talk. In her video, Jinal elaborates how  . . . READ MORE >>>