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10 Stunning Rooftop Pools From Around The World With Incredible Views

Lounging by the pool can be the ultimate relaxation spot when on vacation, but sometimes it feels like if you’ve seen one hotel pool, you’ve seen them all. This isn’t the case with rooftop pools, however, as their amazing scenic views are hard to forget. The only thing more soothing than a fancy pool?

A fancy pool with stunning scenery. While access to rooftop pools can often cost a pretty penny, even just looking at pictures of them can help put you at ease. Here are ten of the most gorgeous rooftop pools from around the world that you might be tempted to start saving up for. Continue at Source: 10 Stunning Rooftop Pools From Around The World With Incredible Views


7 best Las Vegas pools to beat the heat

How you keep your cool at the gambling tables in Las Vegas? By taking a dip in one of city’s glorious pools. Read on for the best ones to beat the desert heat.

Nothing is more quintessentially Las Vegas than walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard — better known as the Strip — chasing photo ops and blackjack tables.
But one could argue that spending the day at one of Sin City’s many impressive pools is also a requisite part of any visit.
After all, Las Vegas is in the desert, and what better way to take a break from the slots and soak up the sun than with a dip in a pool? While some resorts reserve pool use exclusively for hotel guests, most allow others in for roughly the cost of a day pass.
To help you figure out where to rest your weary head or continue the party in the city of excess, we rounded up nine of the best pools in Las Vegas. Continue at Source: The best Las Vegas pools to beat the heat

6 hotels with picture-perfect swimming pools you need to visit 

When a hotel has the kind of pool holiday fantasies are made of, it’s easy to assume it must be way out of your league. Not necessarily so – if you’re flexible with your dates, there are some happy surprises to be had out there. We’ve found six stunning hotel pools that will make a splash on your Instagram feed without getting you into financial deep water. Continue at Source: 6 hotels with picture-perfect swimming pools you need to visit | Skyscanner’s Travel Blog

23 of the most beautiful natural pools and springs in the world

The best natural pools and hot springs around the world.

If you’ve ever stumbled through a dirt track lined with shrubbery or driven hours inland in unfamiliar territory, to be greeted by the sight of a lush pool of sparkling green water you’ll truly understand the magical healing properties of water. It’s a well-documented fact that humans simply gravitate towards bodies of water – no matter if that comes in the form of the ocean, a naturally occurring swimming hole or even a series of mineral-rich hot springs – we all know the power of a refreshing dip or soak in a outdoor bath. And who can blame us really, when we rely on H2O so much for survival? Continue at Source: 23 of the most beautiful natural pools and springs in the world

10 of Europe’s best hostels with pools

Whether on a city rooftoop or at a rural retreat, these hostels all make a splash by offering an indoor or outdoor pool to chill in

A simple hostel in a great location with views from the outdoor pool to Balluta Bay, which is the nearest (small) sandy cove, a few minutes’ walk away. The beach has a promenade with cafes and shops, and is overlooked by the neo-gothic Carmelite church and art-nouveau apartment block Balluta Buildings. Bikes can be rented from the hostel to explore the island and the 10-minute ferry ride to the island’s capital, Valletta, is a 15-minute walk. Dorms in the restored 19th-century building sleep between four and 12, and include breakfast in the communal kitchen or gardens. Continue at Source: 10 of Europe’s best hostels with pools

12 Infinity Pools With Amazing Views

The best designed infinity pools are masters of illusion.

Without visually defined edges, infinity pools play a trick on the eye (and imagination), looking as though they meld seamlessly with their surrounding landscapes. A well-designed infinity pool will have you wondering where the pool ends and the ocean or sky begins. Continue at Source: 12 Infinity Pools With Amazing Views

10 Best Pool Parties For Summer in the World 2019

In late spring or early fall, a good pool party simply needs a barbecue, a cooler of cold beer, and a pool. But this is full-on summer. Summer! And for that, you’re gonna want a DJ spinning, a thousand people in swimsuits, and a fully stocked bar slinging signature drinks. If there’s no chance of getting sprayed with mid-range champagne, what’s the point?

Thermal baths in Hungary. A hostel in Guatemala. Vegas, baby. We’re rounding up the best pools at which to rage this summer. Continue at Source: The World’s Best Pool Parties For Summer 2019

How can you get in the first 360-degree infinity pool to be built on top of 55-storey skyscraper in London

A 360 degree rooftop swimming pool could soon come to London.Credit: Compass Pools

THE world’s first rooftop infinity swimming pool with a 360-degree view of London is set to be built on top of a skyscraper in London. New plans reveal the heart-stopping design which feature…

The pool, called Infinity London, was designed by Compass Pools and would feature on top of a luxury hotel in the centre of the city.

Not only would it have an unobstructed view of the city, but there would also be a see-through acrylic bottom section in the middle of the swimming pool which has a view looking to the ground. See more at Source: The first 360-degree infinity pool to be built on 55-storey London skyscraper