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WATCH: Joe Biden gets SHUT DOWN by Fox News reporter while bragging he draws biggest crowds in Iowa

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy issued a live fact check to former Vice President Joe Biden when the 2020 front-runner claimed to reporters that he drew larger crowds than other Democratic candidates.

“What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town and I’m drawing as big of crowds, or bigger than anybody,” Biden said in Iowa on Tuesday. “Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me in this state?”

“Yes,” Doocy responded before noting that he saw a bigger crowd for Sen. Elizabeth Warren when she visited Des Moines in January.

Source: Biden gets testy when Fox News reporter disputes claim he draws biggest crowds in Iowa


WATCH: Joe Biden Creepily WHISPERING to Microphone To Threaten President Trump at Iowa Speech: “We’re going to make him feel the pain”

WATCH: Tlaib gets emotional as Omar calls for Congress to act over ‘Cruel’ Israel’s ‘Occupation’

An emotional Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Monday held back tears during a news conference as she and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar condemned Israel’s recent decision to impose restrictions on visiting the country, with the Democrats calling for Congress to get involved.

Source: Tlaib gets emotional as Omar calls for Congress to act over Israel travel restrictions

DON’T DAMAGE LEGACY! Obama Warned Biden Campaign Advisers To Make Sure Biden Did Not ‘Damage His Legacy’

Former President Barack Obama warned Biden campaign advisers in March to make sure that former Vice President Joe Biden did not ‘damage his legacy.’

Obama summoned Biden’s campaign advisers to a March meeting where they briefed the former president on Biden’s campaign strategies, according to the New York Times.

WHAT??! Joseph Mifsud NOT a Russian Operative as Mueller Report Claims (VIDEO)

Investigative reporter John Solomon from The Hill joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning. The two discussed John Solomon’s latest interview with CIA operative Joseph Mifsud’s attorneys. According to Mr. Mifsud’s attorneys their client was working for the CIA and was NOT a Russian operative as reported by the Mueller witch hunt team

John Solomon: Well, I interviewed Mr. Mifsud’s lawyer the other day, Stefan Rowe, and he told me and also provided me some deposition evidence to both Congress and myself that his client was being directed and long worked with Western intelligence. And he was being directed specifically, he was asked to connect George Papadopoulos to Russia, meaning it was an operation, some form of intelligence operation. That was the lawyer’s own words for this. If that’s the case that means the flash point the started the whole investigation was in fact manufactured from the beginning.

Source: HUGE!… MUELLER TEAM LIED! Attorney for Joseph Mifsud Confirms He is Western Intelligence Operative — And NOT a Russian Operative (VIDEO)

WATCH: President Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’ – Press Briefing

President Donald Trump weighed in on the viral outrage of the day by calling CNN anchor Chris Cuomo an “out-of-control animal” who also “spews lies every night,” while also seeming to criticize Cuomo for not assaulting the man who taunted him.

During an impromptu press gaggle in New Jersey Tuesday afternoon, Trump was asked about his tweets attacking Cuomo over the aborted bar fight that was caught on video.

“I think that what Chris Cuomo did was horrible,” Trump told reporters. “His language was horrible, he looked like a total out-of-control animal. He lost it.”

“And frankly, I don’t think anybody should defend him, because he spews lies every night,” Trump continued. According to The Washington Post, Trump recently made the 12,000th false or misleading statement of his presidency.

Source: WATCH: Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’

WATCH: SHOCKING Video shows woman yelling racial slurs, spits on mans face in Toronto, Canada

A woman caught on camera spitting at a someone and yelling racial slurs outside Toronto City Hall has been charged with assault on Monday, Toronto police say

The 24-second video posted on social media shows a woman holding a “Vote Andrew Scheer” sign at Nathan Phillips Square as she uttered racial slur at an individual.

Farhan Rana, who captured video, said he was taking his lunch break at the square when the woman jumped out at him.

Rana said at first he was amused by how ridiculous the woman was but then she began yelling at him to “get out of my country.”

That’s when Rana began recording on his phone.

“I can’t believe you’re real,” Rana said on the video at one point.

Source: Video appears to show woman yelling racial slurs in Toronto

BOMBSHELL: Underage Girls Have Sex With Powerful Men, Present When Bill Clinton Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has issued a mandate unsealing a huge cache of documents related to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The selection of documents, taken from Virginia Giuffre’s defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, provides context to much of Epstein’s alleged crimes and also significantly widens the scope of elites that are believed to have run in Epstein’s circles.

Source: Deposition: Underage Girls Were Present When Bill Clinton Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

Source: Epstein Accuser Says She Was Directed to Have Sex with Fmr. Gov. Bill Richardson, Fmr. Sen. George Mitchell

Source: Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Powerful Men in Alleged Sex Ring

WATCH: Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that poor kids are “just as bright” and talented as white kids during a campaign speech to Hispanic and Asian voters in Iowa.

Source: Joe Biden: Poor kids are just as bright as white kids

LISTEN: “F*ck You on Your Racist Bullsh*t!”  Trump Donor Threatened and Harassed After Democrat Joaquin Castro Outs Her on His Political Hit List [AUDIO]

Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro published a hit list of names and professions of EVERY MAJOR TRUMP DONOR in his city of San Antonio.

One woman on Joaquin’s hit list was threatened and harassed by an anonymous caller this week after her name landed on Joaquin’s hit list.

The call goes something like this: “F*ck you on your racist bullsh*t… F*cking… Very f*cking…”

Source: “F*ck You on Your Racist Bullsh*t!” — AUDIO — Trump Donor Threatened and Harassed After Democrat Joaquin Castro Outs Her on His Political Hit List