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INSANE: Police shoots 19-year-old woman multiple times trying to arrest man already in jail – WATCH

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) — The man who investigators were looking to arrest was already in jail when a task force raided his former home in Wilmer on Thursday morning.

Ann Rylee, a 19-year-old woman who now lives at the home on Old Moffat Road, was shot several times as investigators made their way inside the house. Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran claims that Rylee had a shotgun in her hand and pointed it at officers.

Source: Wanted man was already in jail when agents raided his former home and shot woman inside


Shocking VIDEO: Police officers Kill Innocent David Ward by Mashing his Head, Taser Him to Death in Sonoma County – WATCH

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A stunning video recorded on a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy’s bodycam was released Friday of a fatal confrontation with David Ward, who was brutally ripped out of his vehicle last month when he was mistaken for a car thief and died after being choked during his apprehension.

Blount then grabs Ward’s arm and begins to tug him out of the vehicle through the driver’s side window. But Ward’s leg is struck under the steering wheel as he cries out in agony. Blount and a Sebastopol officer continue to attempt to pull the struggling Ward through the window. Ward then bits the deputy and is Tasered by another deputy.

Blount slams Ward’s head against the door jam and begins to choke him until Ward goes limp. The deputies and officers then pull Ward’s limp body out of the open passenger side door.

He is placed on the ground, handcuffed and then the deputies and officers notice he is unconscious and not breathing. They attempt CPR. While not on the video, their attempts to revive him are unsuccessful. Ward dies at the scene.

Source: Stunning Video Released Of David Ward’s Deadly Confrontation With Sonoma County Deputy

SHOCKING VIDEO: Police Officer Repeatedly Punches, Pepper Sprays Prisoner Tied to Chair – Ohio – WATCH

WAVERLY, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) – A disturbing video was released Monday by the Pike County prosecutor and sheriff’s office that may lead to criminal prosecution of a deputy.

Former deputy Jeremy Mooney has resigned and his supervisor demoted after a prisoner in their custody was beaten and pepper-sprayed while being restrained. Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk said, “it’s disturbing to watch. ”

Junk said prisoner Thomas Friend was arrested for a misdemeanor and was being transported to the holding cell before his court appearance.

Body cam VIDEO: Colorado police officer gets drunk, gun removed in patrol car, still keeps job – WATCH

AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora Police Department officer kept his job and was not charged with driving under the influence after he was found drunk inside his patrol car while on duty.

According to a general offense report obtained by FOX31 and Channel 2, on March 29, 2019, officers were dispatched to the area of East Mississippi Avenue and South Tower Road on a welfare check. Dispatch was told an unconscious person — possibly an APD officer — was inside a car outside Buckley Air Force Base.

When officers arrived, they found Aurora firefighters were already at the scene. APD Agent Nate Meier was in the driver’s seat of an unmarked Ford Taurus patrol car stopped in the middle of Mississippi, according to the report. The engine was still running.

Source: Body cam video shows Colorado officer who dodged DUI charges drunk in patrol car

Shocking VIDEO: School officer lifts up, slams children to concrete multiple times at Vance County – WATCH

— Vance County Schools and the Vance County Sheriff’s Office are working together to respond to a video shot inside Vance County Middle School that shows a school resource officer pick up, slam down and drag a student.

The child is under age 12, the sheriff said, declining to be more specific. He said the child’s mother said the child had a bump on the head but wasn’t hospitalized.

Source: Vance sheriff ‘stunned and shocked’ by video of SRO throwing, dragging middle school student

VIDEO: Police Officer Forces Bleeding Woman Crawl After Shooting Her – WATCH

Delano, CA — Disturbing video was just released as part of a lawsuit this week showing a Tulare County sheriff’s deputy shooting an unarmed woman and then forcing her to crawl toward him as she bled out.

The incident unfolded six months ago in June when Alexis Resendez and her boyfriend, Arturo Galvan were staying in a hotel. The video was just released this week as part of a lawsuit against the city of Tulare.

Source: WATCH: Cop Shoots Innocent Unarmed Woman, Forces Her to Crawl to Him as She Bleeds Out

Tulare County sheriff’s deputy Rommel Verenzuela opened fire so quickly as he ran past the opening door of a hotel room, his body camera didn’t even catch a view of the open door.

But the shot hit its mark. A bullet hit Alexis Resendez in the abdomen, right below her heart.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Video shows Tulare Co deputy shooting unarmed woman in suspect hotel room