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WATCH: Viral Video Shows Russian policeman punching woman during protest, sparks outrage

A video clip of a Russian riot policeman punching a female protester has gone viral, provoking outrage on social networks. Russia’s Interior Ministry has promised that the “guilty will have to face responsibility.”

A video clip of a Russian policeman punching a female protester has provoked outrage in the media and on social networks.

In an interview with the Mediazona website, the woman, Daria Sosnovskaya, said she was dragged away by police for protesting the detention of a man with a disability. In the clip, seen here in a YouTube account belonging to VOA News, an officer is seen punching Sosnovskaya in the stomach as officers dragged her to a police vehicle.

Source: Viral clip of Russian policeman punching woman sparks outrage


BREAKING: NYPD Highest-Ranking Judge Recommends Firing Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

It’s now up to Police Commissioner James O’Neill to decide whether the officer, who’s been on desk duty for five years, should be removed from New York’s finest.

The New York City Police Department’s highest-ranking judge on Friday recommended terminating Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who strangled to death Eric Garner, a senior law-enforcement official said.

The non-binding verdict brings to an end the long-delayed disciplinary trial for the 33-year-old officer, who faced internal charges brought by the Civilian Complaint Review Board of use of a banned chokehold and intentional restriction of breathing.

Source: NYPD Judge Recommends Firing Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Horrifying video shows Dallas cops violently detain man who called 911 for help — and then died as they mocked him

Newly released body camera video shows Dallas police officers laughing and joking as they restrained an intoxicated man until he died.

Tony Timpa wailed and begged for help dozens of times as officers pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground outside an adult book store after the 32-year-old called for help while suffering from a mental health episode, reported the Dallas Morning News.