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5 Books About Parent Drama That Are “Get Out The Popcorn” Good

It’s not the best-kept secret that parenthood is hard, and for many different reasons. Whether it’s the actual act of giving birth, the constant sleep deprivation, the financial obligations, or just the sheer stress of being in charge of another human being, there are plenty of reasons you might be thrilled not to be a parent — now or ever. But one unexpected silver lining for those of us who do not currently wish to be parents? Not having to deal with parental politics.

The story isn’t exactly new: Some parents are desperate for their children to attend the most elite schools. I mean, just look at the college admissions scam happen. But stories like The Cut’s July 8 piece about the cinema-worthy administrative conflict at Brooklyn’s Grace Church School only continue to drive the point home: When it comes to parenthood, sometimes, hell is other parents. And that’s the sort of drama you really don’t need in your own life right now. Continue at Source: 5 Books About Parent Drama That Are “Get Out The Popcorn” Good


How to help – not force -your kids to eat their vegetables

Anxiety Leads to Cynicism in Parents Prevent Them Raising Kids Making Right Decisions

Cynics not any smarter for their skepticism. Scientists say it’s just the opposite.

During a 2006 commencement speech at Knox College, Stephen Colbert made a highly trenchant point that many of the attendees probably dismissed as bullshit. “Cynicism masquerades as wisdom,” he said, “but it is the furthest thing from it.” Social science suggests that this is a true statement that can be defended with data. Even so, research also shows that most people believe being cynical is positively correlated with being smart. Cynicism is, in short, not only a potential sign of intellectual laziness, but a trap that snags many people, particularly parents. Read more at Source: Cynical Parents Raise Incompetent Kids

The top 10 cities for working parents

In 2018, 63% of two-parent households with children under the age of 18 had two working parents, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a …

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Study Finds Treating Parents Instead Of Kids Helps Childhood Anxiety

A Yale study finds SPACE treatment helps parents deal with childhood anxiety.

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Expose Teens to Junk Food Industry’s Technique to Counter Their Appetite for Junk Food?

Researchers have suggested for years that the enormous amount of food marketing bombarding kids and teens contributes to rising levels of …

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