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10 best beaches for beginners to catch waves in America

Are you ready to catch some waves this summer? Check out some of these rad surf spots across the United States that are ideal for newbie surfers.

Starting to get stoked for surfing has never been easier – as long as you know which U.S. beaches are best for catching your first ride. Many coastal areas across the country offer fantastic surfing and welcome beginners with laid-back waves, as well as surf schools with experienced instructors.

Most likely, you won’t be the only novice surfer on the beach. The sport is becoming more popular than ever, as for the first time in history, surfing will be included in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Ready to catch some waves? You’ll need some practice before you can get barreled, do aerial tricks or perform cutbacks. Check out these great surfing spots across America that are ideal for beginners (also called “groms” in the surfing world).

These scenic coastal destinations feature beautiful beaches, friendly crowds and an overall fun wave-catching experience. Continue at Source: Surf’s up! 10 of the best beaches for beginners to catch waves


10 Cities Guaranteed To Turn You Into An Adrenaline Junkie

Anyone out there searching for the best cities to jumpstart their hearts and get their adrenaline pumping will want to check out these 10 locales.

When it comes to adventure, people tend to swing one of two ways: they either stick to the straight and narrow, finding comfort on their couch and enjoying the simplicities of freshly brewed tea, a Netflix marathon, and a warm blanket, or they hurl themselves out of planes at break-neck speeds from 15,000 feet above the ground.

For the most fearless among us, they simply can’t get enough of the fast-paced thrills. Whether it’s barrelling out of rickety 4-seat Cessnas at terminal velocity, catapulting toward earth with only a bungee cord for support, or mountain biking down sheer cliffs with no hope of turning back, there are plenty of cities that specialize in heart-pumping action, ready to squash that hunger for adrenaline. Continue at Source: 10 Cities Guaranteed To Turn You Into An Adrenaline Junkie

7 Best Watersport Holiday Destinations

Packing up the family for a holiday typically means lots of planning! It means even more planning if you’re prepping for an international vacation. Sometimes the most difficult part of planning can be choosing your destination. If you’re one of the thousands of tourists who enjoy snorkelling, diving, surfing or any other variety of watersports, you’re probably interested in checking out watersports resorts. Watersport holiday destinations are usually going to take you to sandy beaches and lots of sun – but where will you go? Check out our list of the top 7 best watersport holiday destinations below. Continue at Source: The 7 Best Watersport Holiday Destinations

12 Best Bike Trails of 2019 for Summer Activities

This summer, explore new terrain by going on one of these breathtaking scenic rides.

Summer is all about #adventure, and a breathtaking bike ride is the absolute best way to explore new terrain. From woodsy paths to mountain treks to urban greenways, there’s a bike trail calling your name—one you can do at your own speed that will give you an amazing workout, too. Check out our 12 favorites from coast to coast, perfect for a solo or group journey. Continue at Source: The 12 Best Bike Trails of 2019 for Summer Activities

10 Best Hikes in New Zealand

You’ll find some of the best hikes in the world within the national parks of New Zealand, and you’ll soon learn there is a difference between visiting a park and hiking it. Less active visitors can simply drive through and absorb the landscape’s beauty and be perfectly satisfied. But the hiker will want to explore the heart of the park, absorb the scenery, and even touch it and feel it. Here are the best hikes to do so. In addition to this list, check out New Zealand’s 9 Great Walks. Continue at Source: The 10 Best Hikes in New Zealand

10 Best Surfing Campsites on the East Coast

A guide to going gritty on the Eastern Seaboard, from the Deep South to the Great White North.

If, like most surfers, you’re just an occasional outdoorsman who wants nothing more than to score great waves in this technologically charged, convenience-modified Age of Information — quite frankly, you just can’t beat a surgical strike or storm chase. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain benefits to going full Papillon once in a while. Camping under the stars (and bugs), illuminated by the moonlight (or lightning), with only the sound of the ocean (or storm surge) to lullaby you to sleep. Because, like a wise man once said, If it looks good when you’re checking it, you’re already too late. And if you’re already staked-out and bagged-up once it does turn on — the rumble of fresh swell stirring you awake before the sharks have even heard the breakfast bell — it’ll feel like God’s giving you your own personal, That’s what’s up. Continue at Source: 10 Best Surfing Campsites on the East Coast