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‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth Used by Canadian in FAKE ID To Buy Weed Online

Someone who recently tried to buy marijuana over the Internet in Canada must have really been stoned.

Although buying pot online is legal north of the border, using a fake ID to do so is not.

First, the person pictured on the phony Alberta driver’s license looked a lot like Chris Hemsworth, the actor who stars in the “Thor” movies based on Marvel comic books.

Source: ‘Thor’ actor’s face was dead giveaway on fake ID: report

Woman’s head attached to man’s body found lying next to bucket of human parts in lab, ‘Like Frankenstein’

FBI agents working to uncover how dismembered body parts were coming to be illegally trafficked reportedly found buckets full of heads, arms and legs, refrigerated heaps of male genitalia and different people’s body parts sewn together at a science lab in Arizona.

“Pools of human blood and bodily fluids were found on the floor of the freezer,” and there were no identification tags to mark the corpses, the lawsuit reportedly alleges.

Seven dead, frozen tigers found in car in Vietnam

HANOI: A haul of frozen tiger carcasses found in a car in Hanoi has led to the arrest of a key wildlife trafficking suspect, Vietnamese state media said Friday (Jul 26), as the country tries to tackle a well-worn smuggling route from Laos.

Nguyen Huu Hue, who is believed to have smuggled animals in from neighbouring Laos for years, was arrested Thursday with two other people after seven dead tigers were discovered in their vehicle at a parking lot, according to Cong An Nhan Dan newspaper.

Source: Seven dead tigers found in car in Vietnam