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World’s most beautiful overwater bungalow resorts

Overwater bungalows are the pinnacle of island holiday dreams. As it happens, there are approximately 5,000 water villas in the world, and of those, roughly two-thirds are found in the Maldives.

No matter where exactly in the world they are, overwater bungalows can satisfy a traveller’s craving for repose and relaxation. Take in this visual feast of some of our top picks of the world’s most beautiful overwater bungalow resorts.

Source: World’s most beautiful overwater bungalow resorts


This underwater restaurant teaches you about the ocean while you eat

Five metres beneath the Atlantic Ocean, this restaurant doubles up as a marine research lab. Named ‘Under’, it’s also revealing how scientists can raise awareness about ocean health through fun experiences.

An underwater restaurant has opened in Norway, and it’s doubling up as a marine biology research lab. Under (meaning ‘wonder’ in Norwegian) is off the coast of Lindesnes, a town on Norway’s southern tip. Its 34-metre structure is partly submerged, with the dining area five metres underwater.

world’s top maritime capitals in 2019: Singapore still on top

The Leading Maritime Capitals report for 2019 is out, with fresh insight on which maritime metropolises provide the best support for companies in shipping and related services. Criteria include soft and hard infrastructure and access to world-class talent and services – all key components that maritime businesses need to thrive in their chosen locations.

Source: Leading maritime capitals of the world report 2019: Singapore still on top