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Woman calls 911 using her toes because her hands get crushed while changing tire – North Carolina

(CNN) A North Carolina woman’s innovative thinking saved her life when her hands became trapped while changing a tire on the side of the highway Sunday night.

The 54-year-old woman, whom officials haven’t named, was traveling on Interstate 95 in South Carolina when her car got a flat tire, according to Colleton County Fire-Rescue. The woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, pulled over in the breakdown lane along the highway.
“She removed the flat tire and was replacing it with the spare, when the jack slipped causing the car to fall, crushing both of her hands between the tire and the fender,” the fire department said in a statement.
She was trapped alone along the side of the highway in excruciating pain, the department said. Over the next 35 minutes she was able to slip off her shoe and, after many attempts, dial 911 with her toes.

Source: A woman used her toes to call 911 after her hands and fingers were crushed while changing tire


Chilling VIDEO: Gunmen go after woman as she enters home in North Carolina – WATCH

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A doorbell camera captured a scary moment for a North Carolina family that could have ended in a home robbery, or worse.

Late one night in early January, two men tried to sneak into a home by following a woman inside.

It happened after the woman got home with her kids. Her sister then arrived at the house after the homeowner did. When the homeowner let her sister inside the front door, a Ring camera recorded the attempted break-in.

Source: Chilling video shows men with gun sneak up behind woman as she enters home

VIDEO: Dad tackles teen competing with son at high school wrestling match, gets arrested – WATCH

A North Carolina father was arrested by police after tackling a high school wrestler who was competing against his son.

Barry Lee Jones was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct Saturday after he rushed the student who was competing against his son, who was from Hickory Ridge High School.

Source: VIDEO: Father rushes, tackles his son’s competitor at high school wrestling match

Illegal immigrant rapes teen while using Google Translate Spanish-English – North Carolina – WATCH

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) — A Wake County man is charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teen girl who was on her way to her school bus stop last Thursday morning.

Wake County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 33-year-old Victor Emandes Ramirez, of Zebulon, later that day. He is still at the Wake County jail under a $1 million bond.

The girl, who is 15, told deputies that as she was walking to her bus stop Thursday morning, Ramirez grabbed her from behind, put her in his car, and drove her to a shed behind his mobile home where he forced her to perform sex acts and sexually assaulted her, according to a search warrant.

Ramirez then put the girl back in his car and while driving her to school, used Google Translate on his cellphone to translate Spanish to English to communicate with the girl, telling her she looked pretty, that he wanted to be friends, and not to tell anyone what happened, according to the warrant.

Source: Wake County man accused of kidnapping girl as she was walking to bus stop, raping her

‘I killed everybody … I shot my baby’: Woman calls sister after killing 2 children, 1 adult – North Carolina – WATCH

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro mom could face the death penalty. Brittany McKinney, 28, faced a judge for the first time on Thursday, after police say she shot and killed three people Wednesday morning. She didn’t say a word during the brief hearing.

Veronica Hayes was with McKinney less than 30 minutes after investigators say McKinney shot and killed her 10-year-old daughter Mkenzie, 2-year-old niece Serenity, and 61-year-old Jerry Griffin, who was living with the family on Sweet Birch Drive.

“She said, ‘I killed everybody. I shot everybody in the house,'” said Delilah Merritt, McKinney’s sister. “She’s like, ‘My baby, my baby, I shot my baby.’ And then I said, ‘Where’s Serenity?’ and she said, ‘I shot her too.'”

Source: ‘I killed everybody … I shot my baby’: Sister of woman accused of Greensboro triple homicide recounts heart-wrenching phone call

HORRIFIC! Family find snake cooked with pizza in oven – North Carolina – WATCH


 — A Wake Forest family was shocked after finding a slithery surprise in their oven … a snake.

The Helms say they found the snake while baking a pizza. Amber and Robert Helm said they noticed smoke fill the kitchen before realizing it was a snake in the oven.

If you were wondering, they did not eat the pizza. Now, they are having trouble getting rid of the sight and smell of the unexpected guest.