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VIDEO: Jeff Van Drew to Get Rid of Democratic Party after Refusing Voting to Impeach President Trump – WATCH

A Democratic congressman from a swing district in southern New Jersey — who has been outspoken in his opposition to President Donald Trump’s impeachment — is likely to leave the party, sources told NBC News on Saturday.

Two Democratic leadership sources said they expect Rep. Jeff Van Drew to change his registration to Republican in the wake of his stance against the House Democratic-led efforts to impeach Trump.

Source: Rep. Jeff Van Drew, opposed to impeachment, expected to leave Democratic Party


VIDEO: ‘You’re gonna be in Jail’ Adam Schiff Gets Booed off State by Anti-Trump Impeachment Protesters at Armenian Genocide Meeting – WATCH

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was booed by anti-impeachment protesters at a gathering to mark the Armenian genocide on Saturday in Los Angeles. Trump supporter David Wohl posted a photo and report, “Disgraceful @AdamSchiff was just booed off the stage at an Armenian Genocide event in Los Angeles!”

Source: Video: Adam Schiff Booed By Anti-Impeachment Protesters at Armenian Genocide Meeting

Andrew Yang: Universal Basic Income is PRO-LIFE – Full CNN Interview

VIDEO: Sarah Sanders Sounds Happy She’s Away from Trump during Impeachment going on – WATCH

WATCH: Jesus, Mary and Joseph locked up separately in cages at Mexico border, churches’ political message spreading across America

Churches across the country are using Christmas nativity scenes to make political statements about the border crisis, climate change and more.

The Rev. Steve Josoma had no intention of his church becoming known for politics.

The 64-year-old pastor at St. Susanna, a Catholic Parish in Dedham, Massachusetts, located just outside Boston, wasn’t trying to make waves or cause controversy last Christmas when he decided to put a cage around the Baby Jesus in the St. Susanna’s nativity scene, and wall off the Three Wise Men —  he was merely trying to start a conversation.

Source: Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a cage: Political nativity scenes are causing a stir across the US

Man claims its was all accidents for the multiple-injured death of 4-year-old child he babysits – WATCH

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A search warrant sheds light on a case involving the dead of a 4-year-old child.

Police were called to the Cinnamon Tree Apartments in southeast Albuquerque Tuesday, where they found child unresponsive.

He told police he tripped and fell on the child — knee first.

Source: 4-year-old who died appeared to have numerous injuries, court documents say