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Seattle has among least aggressive drivers in U.S. among large cities, study finds

The Seattle area may not have the best drivers when it comes to avoiding crashes, but we are among the least aggressive in the nation, a new study . . . READ MORE >>>

Gas Buddy List of Top Aggressive Drivers . . . READ MORE >>>


New Evidence That Immigration Is Good for America

Immigration has become the signature issue of the Trump administration, and is likely to be a major focus of the 2020 election. Debates persist over whether an  . . . READ MORE >>>

2020 Best Graduate Schools -US News Announces Best Universities and Colleges

For the first time, the Wharton School is the sole No. 1 Best Full-Time MBA Program; Yale is first for Law and Harvard tops the list for Medical Schools for  . . . READ MORE >>>

U.S. Remains World’s Top Arms Exporter, With Russia A Distant Second

The United States remained far and above the rest of the world as the globe’s leading arms exporter, with Russia a distant second, a leading research group  . . . READ MORE >>>

6 most expensive homes in the world revealed

Lavish fittings, extensive grounds, hundreds of rooms and more amenities than you can count, these homes are quite literally fit for royalty. . . . READ MORE >>>

Sound May Be Carried by Tiny Particles With Negative Gravity

New research upends the common assumption that sound waves are weightless. It turns out they carry a trace amount of mass in the form of phonons.

Source: . . . READ MORE >>>